In honor of Louise Hay

I just came to know Louise Hay as I began this journey and now that she has transitioned to other side, knowing that she will continue her great work in spirit I had to take this moment to honor her greatness.  I just happened to flip open to one of my journals and it opened up to a page with the following words from Louise Hay that I had written as a reminder to myself.

You have the power to heal your life and you need to know that.  We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not.  We always have the power of our minds….Claim and consciously use your power.

  • I am willing to change.
  • I am willing to release my old patterns and negative beliefs
  • The power that created me, has given me the power to create my new life
  • I choose positive, fulfilling new thoughts and begin anew, right here, right now.

All is well!

Straying off our path

When I first began my journey of remembering the true essence of who I am, I had to question how and why do we forget in the first place.  Why do so many of us stray so far off from our path, our true life’s purpose of love and joy, our true lifes assignment given to us by the Universe especially if we are so guided by the Universal Engeries (Spirit, our Higher Selves, Guides and Angels) who want to see us thrive?

Although you all came into your lifetime with assignments of feeling fulfillment, love and joy, a person’s life lessons, life circumstances and most of all free will can lead you off your true path.  Children come into the world with love and joy in their hearts, with the knowing they can do and be anything they desire as they are still connected to source energy but as their surroundings begin to influence them they slowly begin to forget who they truly are.  Unless they are the child that stands their ground, outspoken, rebels against what they are told who they should be, how to behave and so on.  They do not want to disappoint their parents/guardians (the adults in their life) so they begin to fall into the mold of who others want them to be rather than their true nature.  When a child follows the beat of their own drum, usually they are scolded, punished and sometimes even hurt physically and emotionally, told they are bad, they do not know how to listen. So to avoid that pain of disappointing those around them they conform.  We like to see the ones that can sometimes step out and stand up for who they are and not who someone tells them to be.  These are the indigos, crystal children, the new children that just can’t do it, it will feel physcially uncomfortable to have their expressive creativity stifled by others and although it can be frustrating to a parent, guardian or teacher you have to allow these children to fly, be who they are as long as they are not hurting themselves or others.

Unfortunately though, it are those that are so stifled that act out in a manner that becomes or looks like aggression, they are just very frustrated and confused.  When children are given the freedom to express instead of constantly told who to be, these children can learn to balance, listen to the adult but yet know they have the independence to learn as they go and express who they truly are, create as they know they are meant to and follow the path that feels natural to them.

Synchronicity- Universal Law

As you shift your awareness you will begin to notice the synchronicities that occur in your day-to-day life.  What once felt like challenges are no longer.  We will always guide you, bring forth the solutions, the life of ease and flow that you have forever longed for is unfolding in front of you and you are ascending and transitioning into more of a being of light.  The more you connect with source energy, the easier life will feel.  As you continue to go within, now knowing what you know, you will feel it.  That is why we keep repeating ourselves, go within, continue to release the energy that no longer serves you, put your energy into creative outlets, positive outlets and you will notice it more and more.  Everyone can do this, everyone wants to be happy, to feel love and joy but most continue to think and believe they will find it outside of them, the only place true love and joy is found is within.

Your purpose is to feel love and joy, your mission is how you will share it with others in your own unique way, through your story and the actions you take to step forward further into your light.  For it is within you, you will find the power of source given to you by the creator, our creator!  Yes we are messengers of God but because God is in and a part of all of us, you feel the power of your inner Goddess.

Purge, release, shed your old skin; physically and metaphorically, things that no longer serve, old emotions, limiting beliefs, things within your surroundings and in your life and the magic of life will continue to unfold before your very eyes.  You are a beautiful being of the light and we are here to help you on your journey to ascending closer and closer to pure source energy.  You have seen how just by changing your thoughts you can change your life.  Your beliefs and thoughts are very powerful, they mirror back to you all that you comes into your path.  Keep them positive for what you think about you bring about, the Universal law.  The shift is happening now!

Messages from the Universe

As I mentioned I have been given many beautiful, inspiring messages from my universal helpers.  Even though at the time I felt these messages were directly to me I realize now these are messages for everyone!  So many to choose from but as they always remind me take it one moment at a time, one step forward, take action but let go and go with the flow so here we go….. Enjoy (and there will be many more messages to follow).

We are here to help you create infinite possibilities, for you hold the power within, your vibration has been raised and uplifted.  Continue to go within and as you become more aware that the more you go within the more you will find the answers you search for.  You now understand we are all one, one heart, one mind and it is through the collective that you can make changes in your world.  Release anything that no longer serves you into the light so that you can always return to the purest form of love.  Share your love and joy with others, enjoy the human experience with an uplifting feeling. Begin to share what you know, help heal and uplift those around you.

Really think of those words infinite possibilities; meaning if you can think it you can create it, you are not meant to think small, think big!  That is why when you are little and asked what do you want to be the answers are big (astronaut, pilot, president, even super hero. A super hero can be a leader who is powerful).  People put too many limitations on themselves.  I will do (blank) when I have enough money, after I graduate, when I find a partner, after I pay off my bills.  There is always excuses to hold someone back.  The fact is if you want something….create it, feel it, imagine it in the best possible way.  Go after your dreams and don’t let anything or anyone stop you.

We see the shift in you!  When there is such a quantum shift, take that shift and bring it to others.  It has to begin now!  Keep up the momentum, feel passion.  You can help others by beginning the conversation, get people to begin asking the important questions; Why am I here, what is my purpose?  Is there more to life than just one meaningless task after another?  Just begin the conversation to let others know they can feel better by leaning on a source that is within reach and within all.


The Human Experience

I am not all-knowing but now aware and I am not by any means claiming to be perfect. But I do love and accept myself just as I am in this very moment and because of that even with my imperfections I am.  I am empowered and powerful because I choose to live my life consciously, intentionally and mindfully.  Able to expand my awareness, my mind and connect to the creative energy source of all that is which made us with perfection in mind.

The Human Experience can be experienced *consciously or *unconsciously .  Once you begin to go within and open your awareness to the infinite possibilities, begin to have an understanding that you no longer have to be a product of your circumstances or environment, detach yourself from the limiting beliefs you’ve held onto for so long, you are forever changed.  Conscious living is a knowing we are all powerful, creative, loving, joyful, self healing, limitless beings of light.  We are here to co-create in communities that uplift and support each other not to tear each other down.  Knowing there is more than enough to go around.  That we again are meant to thrive in life even amongst challenges that we have faced which are really lessons to learn along the way.  You begin to open your heart, allow love in and move further and further away from fear based thoughts.

As you go within and begin to get in touch with your soul, your spirit, your higher self, the truth of who you really are, you also begin to trust in your inner wisdom, inner creative genius, inner guidance, your intuition.  We are all born intuitive and can get back in touch and trust our intuitive senses once you begin to connect with yourself and remove and release all the layers of fear from your past thoughts, past beliefs and past experiences that have been holding you back from being the best possible version of you, your true authentic self!  That is when you begin to find the love and joy in every moment, begin to listen to your inner voice, find your self-worth, passion and purpose.

You will also open up to the possibilities that we are all guided by a force greater than us.  The Universal energies that exist all around and within us.  It doesn’t really matter what you call this force, this higher power just know that it does indeed exist.  Our Universal helpers that have been trying to give us signs and symbols throughout our whole lives, hoping you will get quiet enough to take notice.  Once you quiet your mind, open your awareness they will become more and more obvious and be present in your daily life. They are trying to guide you on your path, your purpose to show you the easiest way to travel on your journey through life.

I have come to know my Universal helpers and they have given me many gifts most of all the most beautiful Universal messages and encouragement to push forward.  They have shown me miracles, things I can no longer explain away and now I am ready to share these messages with you.  At times I may go in circles, repeating myself but I have learned that sometimes you have to be taken back again and again before it really starts to sink in and you begin to really get it!  Many of these messages are personal to where I was or am on my journey as I progress in this awakening but messages everyone can relate to and I feel can really benefit from.  Feeling very nudged to share because now is the time that we are all undergoing a major shift in order to bring about more love and peace in our world.

*(consciousness:  the quality or state of awareness, or being aware of the external object or something within oneself)

*(unconscious:  without awareness, sensation or cognition, without intent)


Life Learner

I will always be a life learner!  We are all here to learn many lessons and grow from them.  Some lessons may seem obvious but to most that are not aware not so much. Wherever you are on your path to self-awareness you are always learning, growing from life experiences.  Once you have opened your awareness to a higher power, your limitless potential, the infinite possibilities that are all around you, it just feels easier to maneuver through life.  There are two main emotions Love and Fear.  Once you have connected to your higher power, as you begin to recognize that fear is creeping in, realizing what is creating it, it then becomes easier to release it.  Knowing it’s usually a false story we are creating in our minds and bodies, even creating stories for how others are perceiving us, creating chaos where there really isn’t.  We can rewrite our stories, change the story in our minds, go back, take a few deep breaths, release the fear and get back to joy (or love).

That is what connecting to your higher power within is all about, finding that sweet spot of love and joy that will come back with a quickness once you open your mind and become more aware that we are meant to thrive in our lives, not just survive and struggle all the time. Leave the struggle, self sabotage and lies we tell ourselves behind and move into a life you never may have known could exist.  When we are stuck in that dreadful place where we are trying to come out of the muck but it seems to get thicker and harder to even get our heads above it, it’s an awful place to be (and believe me I’ve been there).  It took me over 40 years to get out of it but my hope is that people of all ages, all walks of life find me or any other person that can give you hope, inspire you, let you know the water gets clearer, you are actually meant to swim with the current not against it.  Life is meant to be easy!

Now if you’re in the mucky thick water, your probably thinking “that’s a load of B.S.”, she doesn’t know my life, my struggle, again I’ve been in that place, that mind-set but promise if you can just switch your perception, open your awareness, continue to read on I will share with you how I got out of it and now live with more ease and flow.  I have been given gifts of special experiences from the universe that prove we are all guided by Universal energies, a higher power and it’s within and around all of us.  You can pull yourself out of fear, doubt, negativity and lean towards love and joy.  You will begin to find your purpose, live the life you are meant to, a life of miracles, a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m still learning and always will be a life learner but I’m awake now and once you wake up and find your power, you will never give it up again!


Go within and you will find purpose!  This statement will forever resonate with me and holds true on so many levels.  I spent my life up until a couple of months ago searching for love, validation, worth, praise, approval, happiness, passion, inspiration, joy, etc. from outside sources to learn the only place we will truly find it is within.

My journey of self awareness really began at the end of last year, I was in a job I hated, felt a disconnect within my own home, overwhelmed by the day to day hamster wheel of doing a lot of meaningless tasks and feeling like I was going nowhere.  Sad, exhausted, feeling stuck, miserable….. and then things began happening to me, experiences that I am finally ready to share in hopes that I can help others find their purpose, their power, joy, true self and freedom.  Knowing what I know now and the things I continue to discover on this journey of awakening to the Universal Energies that are all around us and within us has truly been life changing.  (And FYI the statement “Go within and you will find purpose” was whispered to me by my Higher Self).