Life Learner

I will always be a life learner!  We are all here to learn many lessons and grow from them.  Some lessons may seem obvious but to most that are not aware not so much. Wherever you are on your path to self-awareness you are always learning, growing from life experiences.  Once you have opened your awareness to a higher power, your limitless potential, the infinite possibilities that are all around you, it just feels easier to maneuver through life.  There are two main emotions Love and Fear.  Once you have connected to your higher power, as you begin to recognize that fear is creeping in, realizing what is creating it, it then becomes easier to release it.  Knowing it’s usually a false story we are creating in our minds and bodies, even creating stories for how others are perceiving us, creating chaos where there really isn’t.  We can rewrite our stories, change the story in our minds, go back, take a few deep breaths, release the fear and get back to joy (or love).

That is what connecting to your higher power within is all about, finding that sweet spot of love and joy that will come back with a quickness once you open your mind and become more aware that we are meant to thrive in our lives, not just survive and struggle all the time. Leave the struggle, self sabotage and lies we tell ourselves behind and move into a life you never may have known could exist.  When we are stuck in that dreadful place where we are trying to come out of the muck but it seems to get thicker and harder to even get our heads above it, it’s an awful place to be (and believe me I’ve been there).  It took me over 40 years to get out of it but my hope is that people of all ages, all walks of life find me or any other person that can give you hope, inspire you, let you know the water gets clearer, you are actually meant to swim with the current not against it.  Life is meant to be easy!

Now if you’re in the mucky thick water, your probably thinking “that’s a load of B.S.”, she doesn’t know my life, my struggle, again I’ve been in that place, that mind-set but promise if you can just switch your perception, open your awareness, continue to read on I will share with you how I got out of it and now live with more ease and flow.  I have been given gifts of special experiences from the universe that prove we are all guided by Universal energies, a higher power and it’s within and around all of us.  You can pull yourself out of fear, doubt, negativity and lean towards love and joy.  You will begin to find your purpose, live the life you are meant to, a life of miracles, a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m still learning and always will be a life learner but I’m awake now and once you wake up and find your power, you will never give it up again!

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