The Human Experience

I am not all-knowing but now aware and I am not by any means claiming to be perfect. But I do love and accept myself just as I am in this very moment and because of that even with my imperfections I am.  I am empowered and powerful because I choose to live my life consciously, intentionally and mindfully.  Able to expand my awareness, my mind and connect to the creative energy source of all that is which made us with perfection in mind.

The Human Experience can be experienced *consciously or *unconsciously .  Once you begin to go within and open your awareness to the infinite possibilities, begin to have an understanding that you no longer have to be a product of your circumstances or environment, detach yourself from the limiting beliefs you’ve held onto for so long, you are forever changed.  Conscious living is a knowing we are all powerful, creative, loving, joyful, self healing, limitless beings of light.  We are here to co-create in communities that uplift and support each other not to tear each other down.  Knowing there is more than enough to go around.  That we again are meant to thrive in life even amongst challenges that we have faced which are really lessons to learn along the way.  You begin to open your heart, allow love in and move further and further away from fear based thoughts.

As you go within and begin to get in touch with your soul, your spirit, your higher self, the truth of who you really are, you also begin to trust in your inner wisdom, inner creative genius, inner guidance, your intuition.  We are all born intuitive and can get back in touch and trust our intuitive senses once you begin to connect with yourself and remove and release all the layers of fear from your past thoughts, past beliefs and past experiences that have been holding you back from being the best possible version of you, your true authentic self!  That is when you begin to find the love and joy in every moment, begin to listen to your inner voice, find your self-worth, passion and purpose.

You will also open up to the possibilities that we are all guided by a force greater than us.  The Universal energies that exist all around and within us.  It doesn’t really matter what you call this force, this higher power just know that it does indeed exist.  Our Universal helpers that have been trying to give us signs and symbols throughout our whole lives, hoping you will get quiet enough to take notice.  Once you quiet your mind, open your awareness they will become more and more obvious and be present in your daily life. They are trying to guide you on your path, your purpose to show you the easiest way to travel on your journey through life.

I have come to know my Universal helpers and they have given me many gifts most of all the most beautiful Universal messages and encouragement to push forward.  They have shown me miracles, things I can no longer explain away and now I am ready to share these messages with you.  At times I may go in circles, repeating myself but I have learned that sometimes you have to be taken back again and again before it really starts to sink in and you begin to really get it!  Many of these messages are personal to where I was or am on my journey as I progress in this awakening but messages everyone can relate to and I feel can really benefit from.  Feeling very nudged to share because now is the time that we are all undergoing a major shift in order to bring about more love and peace in our world.

*(consciousness:  the quality or state of awareness, or being aware of the external object or something within oneself)

*(unconscious:  without awareness, sensation or cognition, without intent)


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