Messages from the Universe

As I mentioned I have been given many beautiful, inspiring messages from my universal helpers.  Even though at the time I felt these messages were directly to me I realize now these are messages for everyone!  So many to choose from but as they always remind me take it one moment at a time, one step forward, take action but let go and go with the flow so here we go….. Enjoy (and there will be many more messages to follow).

We are here to help you create infinite possibilities, for you hold the power within, your vibration has been raised and uplifted.  Continue to go within and as you become more aware that the more you go within the more you will find the answers you search for.  You now understand we are all one, one heart, one mind and it is through the collective that you can make changes in your world.  Release anything that no longer serves you into the light so that you can always return to the purest form of love.  Share your love and joy with others, enjoy the human experience with an uplifting feeling. Begin to share what you know, help heal and uplift those around you.

Really think of those words infinite possibilities; meaning if you can think it you can create it, you are not meant to think small, think big!  That is why when you are little and asked what do you want to be the answers are big (astronaut, pilot, president, even super hero. A super hero can be a leader who is powerful).  People put too many limitations on themselves.  I will do (blank) when I have enough money, after I graduate, when I find a partner, after I pay off my bills.  There is always excuses to hold someone back.  The fact is if you want something….create it, feel it, imagine it in the best possible way.  Go after your dreams and don’t let anything or anyone stop you.

We see the shift in you!  When there is such a quantum shift, take that shift and bring it to others.  It has to begin now!  Keep up the momentum, feel passion.  You can help others by beginning the conversation, get people to begin asking the important questions; Why am I here, what is my purpose?  Is there more to life than just one meaningless task after another?  Just begin the conversation to let others know they can feel better by leaning on a source that is within reach and within all.


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