Synchronicity- Universal Law

As you shift your awareness you will begin to notice the synchronicities that occur in your day-to-day life.  What once felt like challenges are no longer.  We will always guide you, bring forth the solutions, the life of ease and flow that you have forever longed for is unfolding in front of you and you are ascending and transitioning into more of a being of light.  The more you connect with source energy, the easier life will feel.  As you continue to go within, now knowing what you know, you will feel it.  That is why we keep repeating ourselves, go within, continue to release the energy that no longer serves you, put your energy into creative outlets, positive outlets and you will notice it more and more.  Everyone can do this, everyone wants to be happy, to feel love and joy but most continue to think and believe they will find it outside of them, the only place true love and joy is found is within.

Your purpose is to feel love and joy, your mission is how you will share it with others in your own unique way, through your story and the actions you take to step forward further into your light.  For it is within you, you will find the power of source given to you by the creator, our creator!  Yes we are messengers of God but because God is in and a part of all of us, you feel the power of your inner Goddess.

Purge, release, shed your old skin; physically and metaphorically, things that no longer serve, old emotions, limiting beliefs, things within your surroundings and in your life and the magic of life will continue to unfold before your very eyes.  You are a beautiful being of the light and we are here to help you on your journey to ascending closer and closer to pure source energy.  You have seen how just by changing your thoughts you can change your life.  Your beliefs and thoughts are very powerful, they mirror back to you all that you comes into your path.  Keep them positive for what you think about you bring about, the Universal law.  The shift is happening now!

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