Straying off our path

When I first began my journey of remembering the true essence of who I am, I had to question how and why do we forget in the first place.  Why do so many of us stray so far off from our path, our true life’s purpose of love and joy, our true lifes assignment given to us by the Universe especially if we are so guided by the Universal Engeries (Spirit, our Higher Selves, Guides and Angels) who want to see us thrive?

Although you all came into your lifetime with assignments of feeling fulfillment, love and joy, a person’s life lessons, life circumstances and most of all free will can lead you off your true path.  Children come into the world with love and joy in their hearts, with the knowing they can do and be anything they desire as they are still connected to source energy but as their surroundings begin to influence them they slowly begin to forget who they truly are.  Unless they are the child that stands their ground, outspoken, rebels against what they are told who they should be, how to behave and so on.  They do not want to disappoint their parents/guardians (the adults in their life) so they begin to fall into the mold of who others want them to be rather than their true nature.  When a child follows the beat of their own drum, usually they are scolded, punished and sometimes even hurt physically and emotionally, told they are bad, they do not know how to listen. So to avoid that pain of disappointing those around them they conform.  We like to see the ones that can sometimes step out and stand up for who they are and not who someone tells them to be.  These are the indigos, crystal children, the new children that just can’t do it, it will feel physcially uncomfortable to have their expressive creativity stifled by others and although it can be frustrating to a parent, guardian or teacher you have to allow these children to fly, be who they are as long as they are not hurting themselves or others.

Unfortunately though, it are those that are so stifled that act out in a manner that becomes or looks like aggression, they are just very frustrated and confused.  When children are given the freedom to express instead of constantly told who to be, these children can learn to balance, listen to the adult but yet know they have the independence to learn as they go and express who they truly are, create as they know they are meant to and follow the path that feels natural to them.

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