Our true essence, our birthright is to be powerful, abundant, compassionate, loving beings that can literally do, be, create our own realities, without limitations.  Limitless to our potential.  In the beginning of this journey I tried to learn as much as I could about spirituality, about what was happening to me, about what I was experiencing.  Realizing now, although I do believe knowledge is power, the power comes in the unlearning. Unlearning almost everything I have been taught, unlearning the beliefs I picked up from others along the way, which may sound as if I am contradicting myself when I stated before I will always be a life learner and I still stand by that but now I learn the truth because I know who I really am, who I always have been but through the twist and turns of life I had forgotten.

The person I was, was built on old beliefs, old patterns, old behaviors based mostly around fear and who I thought others wanted me to be in order to be accepted, liked or loved.  Once I began to shed the limiting beliefs and all the lies and got down to the core of my true self, what I really was doing was unlearning to stand in and get back to “MY Truth”.

To know and really feel self-love, self-worth for one’s self is the beginning of looking at the world with a new set of lenses.  As if their was a rebirth of me!  I can finally see myself for who I really am.  No longer tolerating anything other than true happiness, clear for the first time ever and could see and most importantly feel true love.  Of course I am still a spirit having a human experience so it doesn’t mean uncomfortable situations may never arise again, I still have life lessons to learn but because I know who I am and have let go of trying to control the outcome of everything and everyone around me, I feel more in flow with life.  And because everything, everyone and situation that we face is just a mirror image of the energy we project out and back to us, when you live in a more loving, compassionate way you mirror back more loving, compassionate people, places and situations.  That is when you begin to go with the flow, life feels easier, people seem kinder, synchronicity begins to happen because now I am aligned with my true self and all that is aligned with me are my true wants and desires.  Knowing now I am deserving and worthy of all.

So unlearn to learn who you really are, begin to let go, surrender….for the universe has a bigger and better plan in stored for you, one that is even greater than you can ever imagine on your own.

One thought on “Unlearning

  1. I just read all of your posts and I am so fascinated in your words and the positive meanings that you write about. Keep posting and sharing please!

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