Staying Stuck

Why do people seem to stay stuck?  Why is it so difficult to move away from choices that we know are so wrong for us such as jobs we hate, health issues that we keep putting off dealing with, relationships, etc?

To be stuck is to have blocks, blocks that need to be released in order to move past and out of the situation that no longer serves you.  A place of being stuck  is sometimes all you know, people become comfortable in discomfort.  It all goes back to fear and self-worth.  A person will stay in a stuck situation for as long as they are willing to tolerate it. Perhaps one of their major lessons to learn in their lifetime is tolerance, how long are they willing to tolerate the pain, the illness, the abusive relationship, etc.  Healing, emotional healing work needs to take place to release the thing that is blocking said person to move forward.  As well as going within finding their self-worth and love for themselves to know they are worthy of a better way, a better life.

One thought on “Staying Stuck

  1. “People become comfortable in discomfort” is so true! Amazing how we treat ourselves and why we do stay “stuck”. It is such a release and freedom to not be in that stuck state. 🙂


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