Continue on your path, you’ve been called upon to be the light, to share the light, to spread the light with others.  It is at this time in our present moment in this lifetime that lightworkers throughout your planet are being awaken.  To do the work you came here to do.  The violence, the anger, the hatred towards each other needs to stop for the world to continue, it stops with you, it stops with each lightworker awaken, each child born that will stay awake, knowing they have a purpose.  As each of you lead in your own unique way to spread love and joy, change will come about.  Not just love towards each other but love towards all living things, creatures, animals, and the environment.  Each person has a special gift, a special purpose and once you’ve answered the call and surrendered to it, the path is being made for you to follow. No need to worry if you don’t fully understand or know all the details of what that entails just follow your heart and let us guide you, with love!

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