The Law of Attraction

Once you begin to feel love for yourself and find your self-worth, can raise your vibration, you can manifest your desires.  The law of attraction, Universal law that seemed to gain momentum after The Secret came out, is one that many are capable of achieving but it is not as simple as asking and then ta-da it arrives.  Eventually you can get to that place of asking and receiving but you must begin by finding your self-worth, loving yourself, feeling the love and joy all around you.  It’s how you feel that manifests. You can not be in a state of anger and frustration, then ask for your wants and desires and expect them to come into fruition.  You must be in a state of love, of feeling good aligned with source, aligned with the belief, the feeling of feeling good, believing and having faith, ask, be in the state of open to receiving and then allowing to receive.  So feel good, raise your vibration so that your frequency matches that, that you desire, be open to receiving, believe it is coming, open to allowing it in, staying in a state of feeling great as if what you have asked for has already arrived, believe, trust and have faith and let go.

Do not keep asking for it and asking for it, over and over again because now you are actually in a state of disbelief and resistance.  The more you ask, the more you try to control the outcome, the more you push it away, then you begin the cycle of feeling disappointed which pushes it away some more.  That is why it is so important to be in a constant state of love and joy, we know the human experience has ups and downs, situations arise but we promise you that the more love you feel, the more love comes to you, the less disappointments you will experience.  So keep going within, connected with source and stay heart centered, release the fear based thoughts and again you will live a life in perfect alignment with all that you desire.

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