Our Higher Self

Your higher self is the part of you that is always connected to the divine, to God.  It is your enlightened spiritual being, your awareness to all that is, your higher consciousness.  Every time you go within, connect to source, your higher self, you open your mind, your awareness to more that exist.  It is the all loving, spirit part of you, that acts as a guide as well to help you through the physical realm.  Remember you are a soul, a spirit having a human experience but once you have connected to your higher self, your true self, you have connected to the truth of all that is and who you really are.  As you continue to connect with divine source and your higher self going through the physical world with more ease and flow, you find your power within, that exist within all beings.  The voice you hear sometimes is your higher self, your higher spirit, guiding you, connecting with you.  Trust yourself and remember within you is power, wisdom and truth.  That is why although yes we guide you too, your higher self guides you on your path towards your life purpose with ease.  Trust in yourself, your true self, your higher spirit, your higher self.

Our Thoughts Create our Realities

Everything and everyone originates from creative source energy.  We are all energy and so are our thoughts.  As you begin to go within, connect with source and your higher self, you become more aware of how even your thoughts have a frequency and how they affect not only you but the people around you and the situations you bring forth into your life.  Whatever thoughts you are having now, positive or negative will mirror back to you, it is a Universal law.  So to begin working on the most important relationship which is with yourself, take one day to really take notice of your thoughts.  Yes, it may sound exhausting as we have 1,000’s of thoughts per day but once you realize what you are telling yourself, you will begin to see and feel how abusive you really are to YOU.

Most people are extremely critical of themselves, negative, angry, resentful, judgemental, self-sabotaging not only to others but to self.  Half the things you tell yourself you wouldn’t dare say to another person.  But when you begin to catch the self abusive talk flow out or in your mind catch them, release them and begin to replace them with more positive loving thoughts.  What you think about you really do bring about.  So as you begin to change your thoughts, you change your life.  We are the creators of our own realities.  We are so powerful that our thoughts can shape our lives.  Once your thoughts become more positive, you begin to really start the work of realizing your value, self-worth and self-love.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer

Trauma held in our bodies

My Universal helpers in spirit have expressed a lot about how trauma is held within our bodies and how it brings up old patterns, emotional and physical pain (so this will probably be the first post of many on this subject).  At the beginning of my journey I went to see a great intuitive energy healer that helped to release things from my past and past lives that I didn’t realize I was holding onto.  It was after that visit that things started to make sense, I felt so clear for the first time, so sure of who I was because she literally removed what was creating all the fear and anxiety from my emotional body.  I began to really feel the love for myself, my value, my self-worth because the limiting beliefs that I had been holding onto were finally stripped away (and my gifts began to blossom).  I no longer felt like a prisoner of life, I felt free.  So if you are feeling stuck, need clarity, are dealing with physical pain, disease, dealt with a lot of childhood trauma, I highly recommend seeing one.  At the time I had already began meditating and was beginning to develop my own practices to keep me sane, but seeing her catapulted me into a better way of feeling and being.

Here is a message from the Universal helpers regarding trauma:

Deep ingrained trauma, physical and emotional can carry over from lifetime to lifetime.  Remember you are a spirit having a human experience so if the spirit body is not healed of old traumas, old pain will carry over.  One must heal the whole person; mind, body and spirit.  Recognize what the trauma is or what caused the trauma, you may come to realize it may have nothing to do with the person you are in this lifetime (you can even be carrying trauma from your ancestors that has nothing to do with you at all), heal it, release it.  Once you open your awareness to how powerful you are and can heal yourself, balance your chakras, release all that does not serve you, do deep emotional healing, you can then heal the whole being.  Unfortunately many do not realize the pain they may be suffering now is carried over from the past or even within this lifetime and from childhood.  The body will hold emotional pain in different areas of the body, different emotional centers hold emotional wounds.  Example back pain can be associated with financial issues, reliving the same financial patterns, financial stress.  Once you truly love the whole you, know your self-worth, release the emotional pain, that trauma within your body/ nervous system you can then truly begin to heal.

Your higher power

No one can take your power away unless you let them.  We are powerful beings, every spirit in the physical has a higher power, a higher self, your soul, your spirit that allows you to heal yourself and others, guides you, supports you and allows you to love unconditionally.  Love is the most powerful emotion, it is the only piece we take with us when we leave our physical bodies.  Love is eternal!  Love yourself, be true to yourself, be authentic and no one can ever take that away.  Stand in your truth, be unapologetic for being you.  Believe, trust, have faith in you and then you will have began to connect to your higher power.

Now is the Time for Change

I want to take this moment to acknowledge and speak out about all the chaos that is going on in our world lately.  At times I’ve felt it’s almost too much to bear, out of control…. Not sure if I have any words of wisdom but want to say I’m sorry to all that are suffering, grieving, struggling, traumatized, trying to figure out how to move forward, my prayer is that at some point you feel a glimmer of hope again.

It’s easy for me to not turn on the news and pretend everything is fine in my safe little bubble but even in doing that I feel the sadness, fear and uncertainty of the world.  Real emotions due to real events.  I feel this sadness and know I must do my part, this is why I was called upon.  So I do my part by praying, donating time, items and money where I can.  But also knowing the more I continue with my practices of going within connecting with my higher power, I can create change, a ripple effect and the more of us that do this one day we will see less of this craziness.  Knowing we are all one, even if I wasn’t directly impacted it still hurts my heart.

The universe has been telling me over and over again Now is the time for humanity to rise up to continue as a species that yes we must all come together in communities but we all need to turn inward to be able to truly help others, we must help ourselves, heal ourselves, be mindful, begin to live with the intention that we can turn darkness into light, fear into love, despair into hope.  Where there is hope there is change.  We have become a society that is moving way to fast, focused on how to achieve success by how much we can do or how much we have but it’s people who matter.  And it will always go back to love…but how can we love others when we hate ourselves, when we can’t forgive ourselves and others, when we hold onto resentment, anger and judgement and have so much fear due to feelings of lack and scarcity.

I’ve learned that war, violence, hatred, abuse, etc. all comes of a scarcity mentality, a fear based thinking world.  Yes there are real issues right now that are creating fear.  I am not taking away from the parents that lost a child or a child that lost their parents, their friends, brothers and sisters all I can say is I am so sorry that you have to endure this deep level of pain and my prayers are that you can get through this with the support, help and love from your communities and loved ones.

But if we can begin to think and feel as one and understand the oneness, that there is no separation between you and me, “We” are here together as one!  Now is the time we must unite and come together with the intention to create change.  Individually we become mindful and love intentionally with the same goal of love and peace, change can happen.  It may begin by going within healing our spirit, the inner child within all of us for humanity to begin to realize we are all brothers and sisters no matter our skin color, race, sexual preference, religion or social status.  What we do onto others we do onto ourselves.  So open your heart, stay heart centered, come together as a community with love and we can rise above all…..as one mind, one love, one heart.  Come together now for now is the time for us and for future generations to come, to move further away from darkness and closer to the light.  Now is the time for change!