Trauma held in our bodies

My Universal helpers in spirit have expressed a lot about how trauma is held within our bodies and how it brings up old patterns, emotional and physical pain (so this will probably be the first post of many on this subject).  At the beginning of my journey I went to see a great intuitive energy healer that helped to release things from my past and past lives that I didn’t realize I was holding onto.  It was after that visit that things started to make sense, I felt so clear for the first time, so sure of who I was because she literally removed what was creating all the fear and anxiety from my emotional body.  I began to really feel the love for myself, my value, my self-worth because the limiting beliefs that I had been holding onto were finally stripped away (and my gifts began to blossom).  I no longer felt like a prisoner of life, I felt free.  So if you are feeling stuck, need clarity, are dealing with physical pain, disease, dealt with a lot of childhood trauma, I highly recommend seeing one.  At the time I had already began meditating and was beginning to develop my own practices to keep me sane, but seeing her catapulted me into a better way of feeling and being.

Here is a message from the Universal helpers regarding trauma:

Deep ingrained trauma, physical and emotional can carry over from lifetime to lifetime.  Remember you are a spirit having a human experience so if the spirit body is not healed of old traumas, old pain will carry over.  One must heal the whole person; mind, body and spirit.  Recognize what the trauma is or what caused the trauma, you may come to realize it may have nothing to do with the person you are in this lifetime (you can even be carrying trauma from your ancestors that has nothing to do with you at all), heal it, release it.  Once you open your awareness to how powerful you are and can heal yourself, balance your chakras, release all that does not serve you, do deep emotional healing, you can then heal the whole being.  Unfortunately many do not realize the pain they may be suffering now is carried over from the past or even within this lifetime and from childhood.  The body will hold emotional pain in different areas of the body, different emotional centers hold emotional wounds.  Example back pain can be associated with financial issues, reliving the same financial patterns, financial stress.  Once you truly love the whole you, know your self-worth, release the emotional pain, that trauma within your body/ nervous system you can then truly begin to heal.

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