Our Thoughts Create our Realities

Everything and everyone originates from creative source energy.  We are all energy and so are our thoughts.  As you begin to go within, connect with source and your higher self, you become more aware of how even your thoughts have a frequency and how they affect not only you but the people around you and the situations you bring forth into your life.  Whatever thoughts you are having now, positive or negative will mirror back to you, it is a Universal law.  So to begin working on the most important relationship which is with yourself, take one day to really take notice of your thoughts.  Yes, it may sound exhausting as we have 1,000’s of thoughts per day but once you realize what you are telling yourself, you will begin to see and feel how abusive you really are to YOU.

Most people are extremely critical of themselves, negative, angry, resentful, judgemental, self-sabotaging not only to others but to self.  Half the things you tell yourself you wouldn’t dare say to another person.  But when you begin to catch the self abusive talk flow out or in your mind catch them, release them and begin to replace them with more positive loving thoughts.  What you think about you really do bring about.  So as you begin to change your thoughts, you change your life.  We are the creators of our own realities.  We are so powerful that our thoughts can shape our lives.  Once your thoughts become more positive, you begin to really start the work of realizing your value, self-worth and self-love.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer

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