Our Higher Self

Your higher self is the part of you that is always connected to the divine, to God.  It is your enlightened spiritual being, your awareness to all that is, your higher consciousness.  Every time you go within, connect to source, your higher self, you open your mind, your awareness to more that exist.  It is the all loving, spirit part of you, that acts as a guide as well to help you through the physical realm.  Remember you are a soul, a spirit having a human experience but once you have connected to your higher self, your true self, you have connected to the truth of all that is and who you really are.  As you continue to connect with divine source and your higher self going through the physical world with more ease and flow, you find your power within, that exist within all beings.  The voice you hear sometimes is your higher self, your higher spirit, guiding you, connecting with you.  Trust yourself and remember within you is power, wisdom and truth.  That is why although yes we guide you too, your higher self guides you on your path towards your life purpose with ease.  Trust in yourself, your true self, your higher spirit, your higher self.

One thought on “Our Higher Self

  1. Just this morning I thought I’d reach out to you to ask a little more about our Higher Self. And then, of course, I opened my email to find this. Perfect timing! 🙏🏼😊


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