Love, Light & Compassion

Love, light and compassion!  These are the gifts we infuse you with at this very moment.  Feel our presence, hear our whispers, it is you that will bring about change, positive change to the people you hold dear to you, change to the people around you, change to your community, change in humanity.  It begins with you and many other like-minded heart centered people.  Now with your many gifts and talents, you bring about change, a shift in awareness, the endless possibilities, healing, feel it all around you at this moment.  You are surrounded by love and light, you are surrounded by many Angels, we see your light and it shines bright.  Just as you are uplifted, filled with love, hope, faith and dreams of creating beauty in the world, you to can help others to heal, release limiting beliefs, feel the love and light and create lives beyond their wildest dreams.

You are a creative being, you are on this planet here to co-create.  Use your gift of creativity and bring it out into the world.  Yes, through your message it will help others.  Do not worry that you are alone because we are here to help and guide you.  Take your experiences of directly connecting to the divine, pure source energy and show others how to connect to their higher selves.  Now is the time, your planet is undergoing a major shift, now is the time your planet needs you, humanity needs you.  Go out with confidence, we are here to help you, we are guiding you, you are supported in divine ways.  You are protected.

Remember love, light and compassion is what you offer to the world.  It’s time to speak out, use your creativity, see it, feel it and you will create it.  We are here whenever you need us, all you have to do is call upon us but the answers are within you, trust and have faith, the answers are within.  We love you, we love you, we love you.

Love, light and compassion…….Your Angels.

Self Love & Children

Oneness, self-love, self-care, time for oneself is high on the list in order to truly give of yourself you need to have enough to give.  When you are depleted, defeated, exhausted, you are not present in the moment.  Your physical body is in the room but your mind is going in a hundred different directions.  Kids are very intuitive and pick up on things around them very easily.  When their parents are unavailable emotionally, they may begin to question their own self-worth and value.  Wondering “Why are mom & dad so unhappy? Was it something I did?”  So they will either act out, just to receive attention or withdraw.  And then begins the cycle of self-doubt, self-criticism and their imaginations may run wild with the racing thoughts of  “What did I do to make them so upset at me?”

Children are very sensitive to the energy all around them and aware of what is going on but may not fully understand why a parent is distant/upset or sometimes be more aware than the adults in their lives.  Just because they are little does not mean they do not have a deeper understanding.  Teach children to love themselves, to know their worth at a young age.  And just because you made a child does not mean you own them or can treat them like a trophee to exploit around and take credit for their accomplishments.  Let kids be kids, allow their creativity to flow, recognize they are their own person.  Your job as the parent is to love them unconditionally (without condition), try to keep them safe, fed, clothed and guide them when guidance is needed but allow their true personalities to shine.

We do not like labels, but whether bold and outspoken or shy and introverted, all traits can be looked at as strengths.  Never push kids to veer so far off from their true selves that they conform and mold into who they think they “should” be or who everyone expects them to be (especially to live out some unfinished dream or desire of your own that you did not accomplish, they are not an extension of you either).  You will find if you do not stifle the child, he or she will be confident and thrive in this world as all are meant to.

Self Love

When you stop looking for happiness outside of yourself, it’s amazing how you feel and what you notice.  It’s like opening your eyes and seeing the world for the first time, it’s a feeling similar to your first crush or when you begin to fall in love with someone except this person is now “YOU”.  You’re excited, feel ecstasy at times, true bliss.  It super seeds any love that you would have for anyone else, even the love for your child.  It sounds crazy, I know!  But it’s great because you can now love them even deeper (without feeling annoyed by some of their behavior).  You don’t feel like your making sacrifices, which builds resentment, you  have more to give because you are now more present.

It’s as if time expands.  On the other side there is no time, so you let go more, your more relaxed, calmer and when women are calmer, the energy in the home shifts.  I personally feel a woman’s energy is strong (whether good or bad), we are what make our home run like clockwork, except most of the time we run on a clock with low batteries.  Anger, frustration, depression, guilt, worry, anxiety, sends out and projects an energy that is sending out resistance.  Where peace, calm, love, fun, joy sends out energy that opens up and send out a message of allowing.  People can feel the energy you are projecting.  So think about what the energy feels like in your home… it thick, stuck, hard to move through or is it airy and free-flowing?