Intuitive Inspiration

Intuitive inspiration given to you by spirit will pop in as if someone just turned on a light in your mind.  You will feel it flow effortlessly as if someone was feeding you the information.  You will not only think it but it is the feeling it gives you as if it has to be done.  It will not come and go to be forgotten but will make you want to jump into action.  You will feel completely inspired to take action, driven beyond just a regular thought or idea.  Things will just flow in a way that doesn’t happen often and it comes with an inner knowing.

Trusting these intuitive hits is a huge factor, for a lot of people just ignore these inspired ideas.  It is those that try that will succeed.  Not all ideas will work but you must follow through for if you don’t down the road you may see someone else who took the intuitive inspiration given to them by spirit, put into action and succeed that will have you feeling as though they ran off with your idea, beating yourself up as to why didn’t you act on it when it was given to you and you were in alignment with it….

The feeling, to put it in reference to what a writer feels, the way the pen feverishly moves across the paper, thoughts and words are coming out faster than they can write.  Those are inspired creations given as gifts from spirit.  Enjoy it, life is easier when you are open to receiving and allowing it to flow, wouldn’t you agree?