Divine Guidance to take Action

Be open, pay attention for you are in alignment with your higher self, Angels, Guides, Divine Source.  Guided by sending you thoughts, signs, symbols, reassuring you, you are on the right track. Continue to do the work of going within, with your positive energy, your power, you are able to bring forth the things you desire.  Such as the assignments that inspire you, ignites passion in you, it is your energy that brings about positive change. Keep on this path, trust and have faith, move forward with confidence in knowing all is well, all is taken care of and being done.  To take action, move into what feels good to you as we know whatever you put your heart into will be successful, for when you live in a true heart centered space with the desire to truly want to help others the universe sees and knows this.  You will live the life of ease and flow just as you have always dreamed.  Move forward, take action, be confident that you have the answers and we are here to guide you, with love always!