You are special

I am sending this as a reminder to myself and anyone else that is having a difficult time (a re-post of something I had posted a while back; a reminder that You are Special).  I thought I had gone through a transformation last year when I began to awaken and I did but the one thing I did not do is listen to the guidance that was given to me.  I did not listen to my heart, I did not fully do the work of going within to release all fear, doubt, worry and negativity that was stuck deep within me.  When I’m ready to fully share my story about how from one day to the next I went from a spiritual high to the next stopped completely in my tracks, flipped upside down, engulfed by fear.  The story of how my complete breakdown has begun to lead to a breakthrough….a transformation into my true authentic self (not quite there yet but the time is NOW to share).

Thank God for my tools and practices for once I could finally put a sentence together on my own and begin to kind of understand what was happening that I had been living in fear this whole time, pretending to the outside world everything was okay and had begun to move away from love for myself.  I began to use the tools I had learned but it wasn’t until I fully surrendered to the process and admitted to myself that I have no idea how to do this.  I believe we heal in others what still needs to be healed in ourselves and the biggest thing that has helped me is going back into my notebooks and reading the messages I had been given.  It was as if my future self was telling me the whole time what would happen if I didn’t listen, didn’t fully release and live from a place of authenticity.  These words of encouragement to help me through this extremely painful time.  It’s crazy because no one physically died but I feel a part of me did which I know will be a good thing one day but right now in the thick of it, it is my own personal internal Hell of old emotions, lies I believed in for so long, a false self…it’s scary, crazy and I don’t even have the right words right now to explain what I’m going through but all I know is I have to share the messages of encouragement that I have been given over the past year or so.  For if I can help one person with a positive message that has begun to help me heal then than I know I’ve done more than enough.


You will continue to raise your vibration, every time you go within it gets higher, your presence becomes stronger, we become more and more connected to you, it will seem so easy to connect.  Your gifts are blossoming.  We are here to help you and yes you will be able to help yourself and others.  As long as you are open to receiving and open to allowing there is no prayer to big that we are not willing to guide and help you with.  You have the power and with our help we will help you create whatever your heart desires as long as it stays in alignment with your true self.  You are worthy, continue to work on your relationship with yourself, continue to love yourself, take time for yourself without guilt and you will begin to see the miracles, actual miracles happen before your eyes.

You are special, remember that, repeat it out loud, You are special!  God has a special plan for you, you are unique, you are able to create beautiful loving magic.  Love yourself unconditionally just like we do, without judgement, you are perfect in the eyes of God.  Yes everyone has things in their life they can improve on but you are now aware of those things that may be holding you back and when you are ready we will help you to release those habits that no longer serve you.

Continue to learn, listen to the positive teachers that you’ve been listening to.  In your own unique way, you to can be a teacher and we can help you.  Be proud of how far you have come, once you removed the negative, self-destructive, inner chatter and replaced it with positive thoughts, added a daily meditation routine, added a daily way to move your body, began self-care and knew you were worth it, change happened, life shifts and it begins with the thoughts, there has to be a better way, life has to be better than this, I am going to make it better for myself, I am ready to move out of ordinary and live extraordinary.  Once that shifts takes place there is no going back.  Once you open yourself up to a beautiful life of ease and flow and stop living from fear, creativity begins to flow easily.

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