Now is the Time for Change

As I stumbled upon several post about the increase in suicides on news outlets and social media again feeling extremely nudged to do my part and share.  As I continue on my path towards healing trying to figure out all that led up to my breaking point, realizing yes ignoring signs that maybe I was taking on too much, maybe I was putting everyone else’s needs first ahead of mine, putting off my dreams to take care of “responsibilities” (forgetting that I am aware when you have true faith….the universe has your back.  We can have the lives we want without feeling constantly depleted), if I could have just asked for help a little sooner or if I didn’t have people around me that cared so much about me to notice I know where I would have been today (I’ve heard the emergency signals for months now knowing they were warning me).  Because I would have kept going had my family not stepped in or even worse been given an even bigger wake up call that I couldn’t have come back from.  I was lucky but many aren’t.  This was something I had written in October 2017 in-regards to the crisis at the moment that was in the news now realizing there is always going to be something that breaks my heart and the hearts of so many if we continue down this path of self-denial, self-destruction (call me dramatic but how dark does it need to get, how young does the next person need to be reported on the news that took their own life because we aren’t facing what is in front of us).  Something is seriously wrong when the world keeps ignoring that we need change.


I want to take this moment to acknowledge and speak out about all the chaos that is going on in our world lately.  At times I’ve felt it’s almost too much to bare, out of control…. Not sure if I have any words of wisdom but want to say I’m sorry to all that are suffering, grieving, struggling, traumatized, trying to figure out how to move forward, my prayer is that at some point you feel a glimmer of hope again.

It’s easy for me to not turn on the news and pretend everything is fine in my safe little bubble but even in doing that I feel the sadness, fear and uncertainty of the world.  Real emotions due to real events.  I feel this sadness and know I must do my part, this is why I was called upon.  So I do my part by praying, donating time, items and money where I can.  But also knowing the more I continue with my practices of going within connecting with my higher power, I can create change, a ripple effect and the more of us that do this one day we will see less of this craziness.  Knowing we are all one, even if I wasn’t directly impacted it still hurts my heart.

The universe has been telling me over and over again Now is the time for humanity to rise up to continue as a species that yes we must all come together in communities but we all need to turn inward to be able to truly help others, we must help ourselves, heal ourselves, be mindful, begin to live with the intention that we can turn darkness into light, fear into love, despair into hope.  Where there is hope there is change.  We have become a society that is moving way to fast, focused on how to achieve success by how much we can do or how much we have but it’s people who matter.  And it will always go back to love…but how can we love others when we hate ourselves, when we can’t forgive ourselves and others, when we hold onto resentment, anger and judgement and have so much fear due to feelings of lack and scarcity.

I’ve learned that war, violence, hatred, abuse, etc. all comes of a scarcity mentality, a fear based thinking world.  Yes there are real issues right now that are creating fear.  I am not taking away from the parents that lost a child or a child that lost their parents, their friends, brothers and sisters all I can say is I am so sorry that you have to endure this deep level of pain and my prayers are that you can get through this with the support, help and love from your communities and loved ones.

But if we can begin to think and feel as one and understand the oneness, that there is no separation between you and me, “We” are here together as one!  Now is the time we must unite and come together with the intention to create change.  Individually we become mindful and love intentionally with the same goal of love and peace, change can happen.  It may begin by going within healing our spirit, the inner child within all of us for humanity to begin to realize we are all brothers and sisters no matter our skin color, race, sexual preference, religion or social status.  What we do onto others we do onto ourselves.  So open your heart, stay heart centered, come together as a community with love and we can rise above all… one mind, one love, one heart.  Come together now for now is the time for us and for future generations to come, to move further away from darkness and closer to the light.  Now is the time for change!

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