My Truth

I believe, God is the creative Divine Source of all that is.  I had lost that knowing along the way, the inner knowing I had grown to trust, that inner creative genius, inner guidance.  I began to crave and trust something outside of me and all the while the answers were still within.  We all know this to some degree or another but lose sight of it and forget along the way.  I gave my power away to so many (something I said I would not do again once I connected to my higher power within).  Divine Will is when you completely trust and are able to commune with a higher power that works with you and for you, to know we are all worthy of the most beautiful life full of love, joy, abundance and miracles.  Because I love and accept myself and know I am special.  I know this again but many do not.  I know my purpose is to bring about change through awareness. I may not know exactly all the details of what that looks like right now but I know I will be shown the way.  Even in what I’ve been through I know I had to go through, it was my soul’s plan, to be able to fully come into more of my truth and to fully stand in my truth.  Without truly releasing the old out dated beliefs, paradigm and emotions that no longer serve how could I possibly truly serve from a place of authenticity.

Many of us do not use our creative side, the right side of our brain.  This is where creativity flows, where I believe passion is sparked, inspiration, motivation and most of all where we trust our greatest gift our intuition….this is where we can trust our heart center.  That feeling I get when I ask a question now and my heart expands, knowing my heart will never lie to me.  We are taught at a young age to use the left side of our brain and I do believe we need a healthy balance of both but to only use logic and not creativity… we lose our zest for life.  We lose who we are, who we are meant to be.  All beautiful creative beings of light, here to co-create with each other as one.  I lost sight of this and so many things that I had remembered and been taught along the way.  But I make a promise to myself I will never forget again (the pain of doing so is way more than my soul can take).  I will take time for myself and nurture myself because I have to, I will be more forgiving to myself and others, I will do my best to try not to pass judgement and if I do I will practice forgiveness again and I will always have compassion for all including myself.  To have compassion and to love ourselves and others from a true heart centered place is life changing. Empathy is a strength!! To feel another’s emotions, joy or pain can be difficult at times but once you learn  how to have true compassion for another without taking on another’s energy completely on as your own, you can help and be of service from a place of authenticity because you can make sure you are not giving up your power, your energy to another.

The word Empath, everyone needs to become familiar with this word because I believe many if not all of us are one.  I know I am one… feel the pain of the world can be difficult at times but that is where my deep compassion for others comes from, that is where my deep desire to be of service comes from, to want to heal the world.  I may not be able to heal everyone but through the messages I share which I know will help to raise awareness through intention by being a clear channel for pure divine love to work through, I am being my truth.

With love in my heart always.  Stay heart centered without giving your power away and live with more joy, love, compassion and authenticity.  The way we are always meant to.

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