Self Love & Acceptance

Seeking validation and approval from outside sources my whole life thinking this past year I had fully mastered self-love and acceptance.  Until I was stopped by my shadow pieces, the pieces of me that keep blocking me from moving forward, that have been keeping me on a roller coaster of ups and downs.  Through this transformation, faced with the lies I had created, releasing each block, each emotion that was created from fear, from an illusion, a false reality.  As I’m shown what still stands in my way to my life’s purpose, my true whole self and my soul will not allow me to ascend until I face myself and learn to discern what is truth and what is false. All the lessons I am learning, realizing it all comes back to me…. the only person I need approval from is “MYSELF”.  As I continue to bring awareness to all that I can, try to look yourself in the mirror and say “I love and accept myself because I am special”.  It sounds easier said then done (especially if you can still hear a piece of you telling yourself “I hate you”, the false self, lower self, the voice of your ego).

I’ve said it before and need to say it again it begins with our children… have them say to themselves “I love and accept myself because I am special” or simply “I love myself”.  The pain and expansion in my heart when a young child comes to me to express her pain and I ask her to put her hands on her heart and please say those very words, all the while doing as I asked of her but saying this is so stupid, rolling her eyes at me.  Me wishing so desperately that she believed in that phrase because I knew she knew I didn’t believe it for myself so how dare I ask of her to do something that I fully didn’t feel.  Because I hadn’t taught myself yet how to love myself, how can I ask her to do the same.  Because I had not shown her what self-love and acceptance really looks and feels like.  I am supposed to be her role model but yet my children are my teachers and also my mirror.

I have gone back to my younger self, my teenage self, young adult or should I say they have come to me to show me the shadow pieces that I needed to heal.  We can all do this, travel back in time by going within or looking in a mirror (mirror work), writing a letter to our younger selves and apologize to yourself for creating lies that would later lead to self sabotage and allow the you right now to say “I forgive you”.  Self forgiveness is so powerful.

Know that children have been watching, hearing and feeling what you are sending out from within.  Please take a moment, breathe, stop, stop beating yourself up, watch what you say around your children, but mostly be aware of what you are telling yourself, stop pretending everything is okay when it isn’t and begin to heal your inner child and as you do the little one’s (and not so little) will mirror back to you, YOU! And hopefully that mirror will reflect pure LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

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