Love is the message for All

The collective creative consciousness a tap into original creative source that is our birthright, it is where pure love exist, when we feel embodied by a force greater than us that is guiding us in complete flow. The most natural state of our being, connected to our soul, our spirit, the collective heart space, following the ebbs and flow of nature, the Universe.

As above so below as in front so behind to the left and right allowing the Merkaba of light source energy to flow. A complete embodying of our true divine purpose our divinity, our truth. Go within, connect to source and connect to our true whole self.

Intuition & God’s Presence

Art is an expression of ourselves, our world, our life.  I was feeling unsettled, as if I should be doing more, should be further along, knowing I was once again creating a false story. When I begin to feel this way I have gone back to picking up my paint brush to get in creative flow, a reminder of who I really am. I connect with art because there is no need for perfection, in some cases the imperfection in pieces is what makes it so perfect, so effortless, so easy. When I get out of my own way, I can allow myself to flow. When I see the vision in my mind and know exactly what it will look like but without a plan and as I paint sometimes the vision shifts, changes and that’s okay because I can feel the flow and go with it. I feel my highest self, the energy of joy, as the top of my head will tingle, feeling the full body YES, you are in bliss, in flow, not judging yourself, not doubting, just free-flowing. Why can’t it be like this all the time? (I hear my spirit ask), just allow me to take you by the hand and show you how. Trust, please now it’s now time to trust. Trust that you/we (your inner guidance system, your inner being) knows, that Source knows where you feel this loving presence most. (As I am typing I see light shining up from the keys, letting me know I’m in the presence of God right now). For anytime I am creating, I am being, enjoying life, I am in the presence of pure love and even in the times I am not I know God is still present, it just may not be as obvious because we are usually clouded by negative thoughts.

As we learn to trust our gift of intuition, given to us by God (I believe to make our lives easier) so we can communicate, feel and know this loving presence that guides us in a way that let’s us know you are not ever alone, I am with you and I’m here to help you embody pure love. Life is easier if you can let go and let God in, let love in. (This whole time it’s as if I am a stenographer except hearing a small, loving voice speak to me as I type). I have questioned this voice for way to long, I can no longer deny this voice I hear is the voice of God (and it shows up in many different ways, in ways that I will accept it and am willing to hear it and comes through everyone not just a chosen few). Even through difficult times, that same voice reminds me to breathe, I’m here, I’ve never left you, calls my name, sometimes may tell me things I don’t want to hear but know it’s what I need to hear. Our intuition, is this God….the light within that moves us in creative ways to lean towards love or one of the many ways that God connects, speaks, moves, feels, allows the energy of source to use us a vessel to allow pure love to shine through.


Trust your Intuition

I am learning to take accountability for my life, knowing I create my own reality while also leaning on a higher power that works with, for and on my behalf. From this knowing remember that anything that seems to be happening to you is happening for you. Perhaps to show you an ongoing pattern that now you can finally break free from. Learn and grow by taking a new approach, perhaps not trying to control the outcome, not pushing so hard to fix everything and everyone around you (focus on self-love). Maybe you can pray on it, send love & healing to the situation, TRUST and then let it go. Surrender it over to the Universe, to God…knowing all is truly well.

I am following the wisdom that comes through me and for the first time in a while I can breathe and not just in moments of meditation but throughout the day. I feel a sense of peace and freedom. As I continue to ascend and raise my vibe I am learning to let go of the victim mentality. Knowing the Universe wants to support me and all I want and need exist in the now. All I need to do is be open to receiving. Allow to be guided, guidance shows up in many different ways. Sometimes it will either spring you into inspired action or say slow down, stop.

Focus on the positive, put your energy into what will bring more joy, what will continue to raise you up, as you raise your vibe the energy around you raises, your frequency will match what you are putting out. As I was told by my inner guidance system, my intuition recently while dealing with a couple of life lessons “these things have a way of working themselves out” and I chose to trust my intuition. I said a prayer, sent healing energy to the situation and then I let it go (stop obsessing, let go more, trust your intuition, set ego aside and allow faith to take over). My intuition was correct by the way and it ended up working itself out and as usual all is well.

If you feel calm, relaxed, joyful, excited, motivated just an overall feeling of wellbeing your following and trusting your intuition. If you feel the opposite depleted, defeated by life, low energy, negativity that is your inner guidance system telling you stop, go the other way, this is not natural, do something different.

Listen to music, sing, dance, rest, take deep breaths, watch something that makes you laugh, or simply do nothing, cry get it out….it’s okay to acknowledge the pain to allow it to move through you, it will be okay but please stop pushing, stop adding to the resistance, stop giving “it” your energy, if you have tried everything and nothing is working let it go. Listen to your heart, your spirit wants to help lift you up, call on your Angels, ask the Universe for help. “Dear God, I don’t know what to do but I trust you have a plan, I hand this over to you?” Ask for a sign. As soon as you ask the Universal Energies begin to send you love and work happens behind the scenes. Let go, trust, allow, be open to receiving and know you are worthy to receive something even greater than you can imagine.

The Ultimate Experiment

We are all players in this game or experiment called Life.

When we begin asking the big questions what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the point of “LIFE”? The search for the answers begin, trying to seek out who has them. Perhaps this person has “it” figured out, or this one……Personally I’ve never been a “self-help” book junkie but I do read what inspires me, as well as watch inspirational videos and in my search I’ve come to realize I don’t think anyone has ALL the answers. We are just all searching for our happiness, for true joy.

We all contribute, with our uniqueness, we all offer something to link us to this big huge puzzle, the Universe.  All of it so real but yet not of it at the same time. An illusion, a game, an experiment. The way I see it we are all God-consciousness moving up and down the zero light line within the light body of our higher selves. Our direct connection from pure Source from up above and connected to the light at the core of the Whole New Earth. One huge heart space and within that heart is consciousness, the void on different levels/layers and depending on where you are within the higher self, will dictate what you are feeling.  So raise your vibe for the higher your vibration the more inline you are with the absolute, truth, the truth for humanity to live joyfully, to have several experiences to learn and grow from but ultimately to remember who you are.  All knowing and pure love.

Duality was created by man there really is no right or wrong, no good or bad just how it makes you feel dictates whether you perceive an action as good. So the reason I continuously repeat choose love, choose what brings you joy is so that you can stay in alignment with what feels good so you can continue to rise up, as you raise your vibe all that you are destined for is in place in alignment with you.

All the sychronisties events, people, places, situations, we are master manifestors so believe in what makes you feel good, pull yourself into your physical bodies because these are our game players that we are given to be able to have the human experience but at the same time don’t be so attached to the physical (learn to detach from the physical, the material as the material is a short-lived high that eventually fizzles out once the initial excitement of receiving it wears off). The miracles that every cell regenerating, self-healing, so the more energized you feel within your own body the more feel good action you will take, the more light and electricity is generated to keep the planet ever-growing, moving, expanding, breathing keeping it alive, we are all of it and it exist as we continue to exist.  So go within to get in touch with your highest self, expand your awareness, shift your perception to that of love and joy, pull your energy (your power) back into your physical body, keep calling in pure Divine love to continue to feel good and expand.