Feeling in Flow

Today I am so proud of myself, truly I feel intuitive inspiration flowing through me. Knowing I am a clear channel for pure love. As I continue to let go of the past to uncover who I have always been, feeling so connected to my spirit, the highest aspect of  myself. Feeling so much gratitude, blessed beyond words, expanded all because I said yes to putting in the time to love myself, to face my fears instead of pushing them away, connecting and listening to my heart, my intuition, my body. Through mirror work and simple tools we can live a life beyond our wildest dreams. It is through the little successes that I am finding have such a profound impact on the bigger picture.

Self love, approval and acceptance could be the answer to all our worldly problems. Go within, connect with source, choose love, expand your awareness and shift your perception, take action no matter how big or small towards living your birthright!

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