Are Angels Real?

The loss that rocked me is mentioned in this post from 2017 (the death of my brother in law happened on this date). I am always reminded that although we feel the sadness of the great losses in our lives,  it is the great memories that keep them alive in our hearts. And once you have gone through your grieving process they rather us focus on the memories that make us smile than just replaying the moment they left their physical body. Recently my daughter experienced the loss and pain of losing her best friend, my in laws lost there furry four legged child, and many others everywhere are grieving the loss of someone they love deeply. From my experience they are always connected because love never dies. In memory of the beautiful souls that continue to live on in our hearts.

A loss is a loss but remember the many years of love shared and love gained. That is where we would like you to keep your focus. (A message I received recently).

(Repost from 9/15/2017)

Until this year although I grew up Catholic, went to church every Sunday as a child (mainly because my parents dragged me there, never paid any attention to the actual service.  Most Sundays my mom had to take me outside because I was laughing too much and disturbing the people around us, being an annoyance).  I don’t think I ever put much thought into what created us or if there was more to life than what I saw in front of me…. I take that back, I do remember as a child my sister and I would talk about what was there before us…. a black hole, darkness, air, where did the trees come from, the sky, the animals, people?  How did all this around us come about.  I’m not even sure if my sister remembers those conversations but I do.  I guess inside I figured there had to be someone who created all but again not sure if I had faith.

Growing up loss became normal, a part of my life, every year someone died or several people.  Some from diseases such as cancer, Aids, disasters, car accidents, drug overdoses, suicide, etc.  I used to have a strange reaction towards death, I don’t think I really cried I felt more sadness and pain, feeling the emotions of the people left behind. Until I loss my brother-in-law at the age of 32, he was more than my brother-in-law he was my brother, family member, my good friend… unexpected and that was the death that rocked my world.  As I watched my sister and her 1-year-old son pull the pieces together I questioned if there was a God and I was angry.  I had lost faith in faith.  As the years went on I used to talk to my brother in-law often as if I knew he was still around, I prayed to him more than a God, asked for signs and always received them (never jolted, never shocked when the lights would flicker on and off, or the fan would go crazy, the blue dragon-fly that hung around our house and came in one night and sat on my husbands finger as it tilted its little head and smiled at me and we just knew it was him). The strange thing is even then I still didn’t think much about if there was life after death but I never questioned the signs either, I would ask, always receiving, smile and say thank you. Maybe back then I just thought it was wishful thinking that I just talked away after each sign was given, like most of us do.

At some point in everyone’s life I think it is natural to wonder are Angels really real? And just like me it is usually asked when you lose a person that holds a special place in your heart (or several people).  Hoping to receive something, a sign, anything, desperate to reconnect in some way.  So how can we talk away what we ask for and then are given, knowing there are too many of us that have seen or experienced something that couldn’t be explained.  But now I know without a doubt that there is more than what most of our physical eyes can see….God, Angels, Ascended masters, Arch Angels, beings of light energy.  I’m still not sure if I believe in one organized religion but now I do have faith in a higher power and from my daily experiences I can tell you Angels are very real.


Forgiveness can heal deep wounds, open the heart and free us all. It’s been a while since I’ve shared an audio message and because I wanted to talk about forgiveness today I felt this recording from last year was very fitting. Even from when I recorded this message I can see the growth in myself. I mention acceptance as well, as I feel forgiveness goes hand and hand with acceptance. Sometimes in order to fully accept we need to be able to forgive ourselves and others first. I share a personal story about someone that I felt wasn’t giving me what I wanted, when I wanted it and how I expected it. They didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear so I judged by making a statement, that the person was not where I was…which isn’t a bad thing as there is no right or wrong place for where we are. And I realize now the person was exactly where they needed to be because they were reflecting back to me the amount of acceptance I had for myself at the time. We are all mirrors for each other, so if we can truly forgive ourselves, love ourselves, accept ourselves, guess what, we will radiate that energy out a million times over because love is stronger than fear, and as it radiates, it magnetizes back more love and more acceptance.

I share a simple forgiveness practice in this audio that helped me to transform. And in this post I am sharing a heart healing transmission mantra. If you can say the following words in the mirror it is extremely powerful but if not that is okay too.

Forgiveness (Heart Healing Love transmission)

I am safe to forgive experiences of my past that have caused me deep pain. 

I am ready to forgive those that I feel have contributed to my pain. 

I am ready to forgive myself knowing I have done nothing wrong.

I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.

I release you into the light with love and deep forgiveness here and now, releasing all fears, judgement and negativity into the light to be transmuted into positive loving energy. The light is now shined upon all darkness.

I am open to allowing and receiving the loving healing energy of the Universe, wrapped in a bubble of white diamond healing light, love, compassion and the golden healing light of forgiveness. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you & so it is.

Card Reading: 9/19/2019

High Priestess- Mystery- The number 2 is the energy of collaboration/ partnership with another person or with Spirit. This card represents the mystical, the magical, the miracles of life. The experiences that go beyond logic. A feeling of grounded whimsy and wonder. Being able to trust my intuition, the guidance and cues that Spirit is constantly giving us and that we all have access to. As I learn to trust my inner knowing, my gut feelings, that inner Divine Wisdom, the miracles and magic of life is revealed.

9 of Earth- Discipline self-reliance, reliable resources, restraint and self-control, the final stone placed in the foundation. The number 9 is the energy of global awareness, co-creativity in action, and the relationship between your power and that of Spirit, as well as others that share in the co-creation of the outer world. Completion. Trust in myself as I know Spirit is always guiding me. Giving me signs and reminding me of the array of tools I have at my disposal that are here to help. I use my resources wisely which help to build the foundation of my security in the world. I am disciplined and focused on completing the work I began long ago. I finish what I started knowing the plan is unfolding before me, just as the Universe has intended.

Ace of Air- Destiny and fate, powerful forces of transformation at work, synchronicity. Ace is the driving, primal force “Everything I desire begins with me”. Forces beyond my control are operating in my life now for the highest good. So as I trust my intuition, am focused and disciplined the Universe will display synchronicity. Expect quick results that will lead me forward with excellent information. Trust what I am receiving, to be in the embodiment of trustworthiness and allow the Universe to bring forth my true desires.

Card Reading (9/12/2019)

(The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid)

After my morning practice I asked for a message that is for the highest good of all and I love this story the Universe is telling us in this three card reading. (Card 1: Where are we now, Card 2: What actions are in motion and Card 3: Where we are headed). The perfection of the Universe and how there is a Divine time and order to everything, even what we may perceive as the most insignificant details are significant in their own way. The Universe continues to amaze me and I am constantly reminded just how Divinely guided we all are.

Hierophant (Spiritual practices). This card has repeatedly come up several times recently and has to do with our commitment to our spiritual practices. When we have daily practices that assist us not only in our daily lives to live in more peace, joy and a more balanced life but it also helps to keep us connected to our higher power. When we can co-create with a higher power it is evident in our lives as Spirit/ the Universe will bring forth synchronicity and an added ease felt in life as if everything is going our way.

9 of Air (Shifting negative self-talk to self-compassion, from fear to possibility, a call to faith). This card compliments and goes so well with the first card. As we do our daily practices in connection with the Divine we are taking time to release fears, doubts, insecurities and transmuting those difficult fearful energies into more love, compassion, possibility and deepening our faith. We become more gentle with ourselves knowing many fears are a false story waiting to let go of us. During our practices it gives us space to allow the Universe to assist us with this releasing process which in turn shows us the limitless possibilities that we have access to here and now. And helps us to connect to the truth of who we really are.

Fortune’s Wheel (where Destiny meets synchronicity). This is the icing on the cake and completes the story that Spirit is trying to tell us in this reading. Once again as we commit to practices, we release fear and open ourselves to the loving possibilities to be brought into alignment with our Destiny. Knowing the Universe has our back. This natural give and take, ebb and flow, shows us our commitment to practices, releases the false fearful stories that then we can build on that loving Universal Energetic Momentum where everything seems to fit and we are shown just how connected we are. The dots are so connected and we are in perfect alignment with the All that is, our highest self and our Destiny begins to show itself to us. It unfolds effortlessly and easily. As it may seem almost too easy and becomes so obvious. This is when synchronicity really gets fun and then we are reminded of why we’ve made a commitment to ourselves, the Universe, our daily practices to begin with.

I absolutely loved these messages. The above are my own interpretations of the meaning behind the cards but very similar to what is provided by Colette Baron-Reid. I hope you too are able to receive a little extra guidance today from this reading. And if you would like to see more intuitive readings or are interested in your own card reading comment below or you may direct message me.

The Ultimate Experiment

We are all players in this game or experiment called Life.

When we begin asking the big questions what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the point of “LIFE”? The search for the answers begin, trying to seek out who has them. Perhaps this person has “it” figured out, or this one……and in my search I’ve come to realize I don’t think anyone has ALL the answers. We are just all searching for our happiness, for true joy.

We all contribute, with our uniqueness, we all offer something to link us to this big huge puzzle, the Universe.  All of it so real but yet not of it at the same time. An illusion, a game, an experiment. The way I see it we are all God-consciousness moving up and down the zero light line within the light body of our higher selves. Our direct connection from pure Source from up above and connected to the light at the core of the Whole New Earth. One huge heart space and within that heart is consciousness, the void on different levels/layers and depending on where you are within the higher self, will dictate what you are feeling.  So raise your vibe for the higher your vibration the more inline you are with the absolute, truth, the truth for humanity to live joyfully, to have several experiences to learn and grow from but ultimately to remember who you are.  All knowing and pure love.

Duality was created by man there really is no right or wrong, no good or bad just how it makes you feel dictates whether you perceive an action as good. So the reason I continuously repeat choose love, choose what brings you joy is so that you can stay in alignment with what feels good so you can continue to rise up, as you raise your vibe all that you are destined for is in place in alignment with you.

All the sychronisties events, people, places, situations, we are master manifestors so believe in what makes you feel good, pull yourself into your physical bodies because these are our game players that we are given to be able to have the human experience but at the same time don’t be so attached to the physical (learn to detach from the physical, the material as the material is a short-lived high that eventually fizzles out once the initial excitement of receiving it wears off). The miracles that every cell regenerating, self-healing, so the more energized you feel within your own body the more feel good action you will take, the more light and electricity is generated to keep the planet ever-growing, moving, expanding, breathing keeping it alive, we are all of it and it exist as we continue to exist.  So go within to get in touch with your highest self, expand your awareness, shift your perception to that of love and joy, pull your energy (your power) back into your physical body, keep calling in pure Divine love to continue to feel good and expand.

Spiritual Practice

Hierophant- Spiritual Practice

This is the second time in less than two weeks that this card has come up. (From Colette Baron-Reid, The Good Tarot).

When this card appears, it reminds me to be committed to a spiritual practice to ensure a conscious contact to my higher power. When I have a daily practice of prayer and meditation steeped in gratitude and committed to being a co-creator, life works out in wonderous ways. Rituals are in my highest good at this time. Exchanging vows is also highlighted.

Just recently I had a discussion with a family member about practices. I truly try not to come off too preachy but spoke of my own personal experiences of how I know for my own sanity I have to commit to my practices of meditation, writing, walks, excercise, prayer, etc. I’ve began a job where I am working with people in a customer service role and I feel a huge difference from when I had similar jobs in the past. I’m not overtaken by others anymore. Instead of trying to quiet my mind, instead of telling myself to calm down, instead of forcing myself to feel anything different than what is arising my practices do it for me. The inner chatter is no longer constant, there is a lot more quiet, in moments where I am triggered I can take a deep breath and truly let it go, I’m not riddled with anxiety all day long and I don’t feel so much anger.

I feel we all have to get to a certain point before we take action to create change in our lives. Believe me I know, I’ve been there and know it’s not easy. And even now there are times I have to force myself. But I know when I do the work, I feel a difference. Even with my Reiki self healing practice, it would seem so simple but even that many times I force myself to sit still so I can receive this beautiful healing energy and when done…wow what a difference in my day, my being, my life. It’s amazing how much we will tolerate what we don’t want to feel because we’ve been so programmed to believe that life is only about suffering. Yes in our suffering we can learn a lot but there is another side that can feel like bliss, peace even feelings of complete euphoria and ecstasy at times. And we are all so powerful and limitless that we can tap into this place within and all we have to do is say yes to ourselves, to show up for ourselves just like you would show up for a child, a pet, a parent in need, a friend, a loved one. The person that is craving your attention the most is you, your soul and when you give yourself that time and space to be, the shifts will happen. I know because it happened to me.

I understand why people who have connected with that sweet spot want to share all the time because once you feel that shift you know anything is possible, we all have the capacity to heal, grow and love. We all are able to connect within to a love that goes beyond the physical. And although yes our bodies are our way here, our journey to the formless divine love that exist within all. That exist within our hearts, is within reach and within all existence as the Universal One.