Spiritual Practice

Hierophant- Spiritual Practice

This is the second time in less than two weeks that this card has come up. (From Colette Baron-Reid, The Good Tarot).

When this card appears, it reminds me to be committed to a spiritual practice to ensure a conscious contact to my higher power. When I have a daily practice of prayer and meditation steeped in gratitude and committed to being a co-creator, life works out in wonderous ways. Rituals are in my highest good at this time. Exchanging vows is also highlighted.

Just recently I had a discussion with a family member about practices. I truly try not to come off too preachy but spoke of my own personal experiences of how I know for my own sanity I have to commit to my practices of meditation, writing, walks, excercise, prayer, etc. I’ve began a job where I am working with people in a customer service role and I feel a huge difference from when I had similar jobs in the past. I’m not overtaken by others anymore. Instead of trying to quiet my mind, instead of telling myself to calm down, instead of forcing myself to feel anything different than what is arising my practices do it for me. The inner chatter is no longer constant, there is a lot more quiet, in moments where I am triggered I can take a deep breath and truly let it go, I’m not riddled with anxiety all day long and I don’t feel so much anger.

I feel we all have to get to a certain point before we take action to create change in our lives. Believe me I know, I’ve been there and know it’s not easy. And even now there are times I have to force myself. But I know when I do the work, I feel a difference. Even with my Reiki self healing practice, it would seem so simple but even that many times I force myself to sit still so I can receive this beautiful healing energy and when done…wow what a difference in my day, my being, my life. It’s amazing how much we will tolerate what we don’t want to feel because we’ve been so programmed to believe that life is only about suffering. Yes in our suffering we can learn a lot but there is another side that can feel like bliss, peace even feelings of complete euphoria and ecstasy at times. And we are all so powerful and limitless that we can tap into this place within and all we have to do is say yes to ourselves, to show up for ourselves just like you would show up for a child, a pet, a parent in need, a friend, a loved one. The person that is craving your attention the most is you, your soul and when you give yourself that time and space to be, the shifts will happen. I know because it happened to me.

I understand why people who have connected with that sweet spot want to share all the time because once you feel that shift you know anything is possible, we all have the capacity to heal, grow and love. We all are able to connect within to a love that goes beyond the physical. And although yes our bodies are our way here, our journey to the formless divine love that exist within all. That exist within our hearts, is within reach and within all existence as the Universal One.

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