Keep Rising

At this time as humanity goes through major transformations, from my understanding none of us can escape, can hide any longer from the inevitable. We chose to go straight into the eye of the storm, some may try to avoid, may try to numb the pain that arises. And as the dust settles some will feel lighter, elated, some may feel heavy, weighed down and some somewhere in the middle. This ascension, awakening…we are all experiencing trying to view it and go through it without judgment, as I hear the voices of peoples energy, some are violent, some are victimized, so much shame and so much anger. We can never truly know what someone is going through but from my experience we are all feeling it. The one’s that have been doing this work the first wave of ascension, will be here to guide the 2nd wave and then the 3rd and so on. There are stages, a process to all of this even if it feels so freaking chaotic, strange and hard at times.

People will drop out of your life. Some temporarily and some forever, not because they don’t love you but perhaps you are at a different frequency a different vibration that you no longer are in resonance to. Look at it as a good thing. For those that become aligned with you down the road you will reconnect and for others they may never catch up but that’s okay. See it as a blessing as you no longer can drop down, they must raise up.

Keep rising, keep shining!