Energy is always moving, transforming, morphing, breaking down, shaken up, constantly changing. In order for major change to occur sometimes the thing, person, habit, pattern, idea, must fall apart and break down to be rebuilt a new. Many spiritual seekers feel the grace and glory of the joy filled love and light but as a world as we know it has begun to crash down, what will feel like struggle, hurt, tearing apart and even despair is actually part of the process. Neccessary in order to change. The human nervous system is strong and perfect but has been made fragile by the things that have weakened it, such as modified foods, environment, chemicals, abuse, fear based teachings, the negativity of the system in collapse. As it reemerges watch as the tightened rose in it’s closednit bud begins to grow and blossom into a new beautiful emergent of radiance and love. Similar to that of the human going through their own personal transformational blossoming.