Card of the Day

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

On this day of the Spring Equinox perhaps it’s time, time to stop pointing fingers at each other, projecting our shame and guilt into the lives of one another. There has been so much suffering as we continue to separate, when we were meant to Unify and celebrate our uniqueness, our free will to speak our truth, love who we love, create in a way that feels true in our hearts. I have stepped away from sharing in ways that feel true to me because it hasn’t felt safe in a while, but will it ever? Many may not get or understand what I share at times and I’m strong enough now to be okay with that. This card pull today I wanted to share because this explains exactly what I’ve been feeling.

Defenselessness. Righting past wrongs. Uprooting.

We’re living in divisive times. When we’re hurt and triggered we tend to see things as a personal attack rather than an opportunity for healing. If we’re to find true peace and unity, we need to drop our defenses and see things outside of right and wrong.

As souls we intrinsically remember unity and yearn for it here on Earth. Perhaps this is why it feels so painful when we experience the opposite. But it’s crucial to remember that we can’t simply bypass reality and pretend that unity, love, and forgiveness are here. This is one of the greatest challenges for Starseeds and Old Souls.

To bring about unity we must first acknowledge the ways in which both we and the world have been divisive (personally, ancestrally, and collectively): the shadows, hate, wounds, separation, severing, wrongs, and sadness.

You may be called to explore how you, your ancestors, or your society have, consciously or unconsciously, inflicted pain on others. To find a way to drop the armor around your heart and see things as they truly are for all people. To say ‘I’m sorry’ with an open heart and mean it. To be part of the healing rather than the perpetuation of inherited conflict or oppression. This isn’t about blame – it’s about unwinding the patterning that got us here.

You may be called to devote your time to causes you believe in or do healing work on your ancestral line.

Soul Inquiry: How are you being called to drop your defenses and unwind past wrongs?

Card for the Week of 3/15/21

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

STAR BROTHERS- Horus energy. Protection. Loyalty. Safety. Trust.

You’re more protected than you can imagine. It’s safe to open the back of your heart. You’re being called to be open to receiving a new level of support now – from those in your life and from the benevolent beings you’re connected with.

Through ancestral patterning, current life traumas, and past life karmic impressions, many of us have become mistrustful and suspicious of loyalty and have blocks when it comes to receiving support. We’ve learned that we need to go at life alone. That it’s not safe to let our guard down and our heart open. That the world isn’t a friendly place.

The Star Brothers want you to have a new experience of life on Earth. They want you to feel deeply secure and safe, even if you’re going through a difficult time. They want you to hand over your fears to them. To see them as opportunities to let in more love.

They’re guiding you to stay open to receiving a greater level of support than you can ever imagine. Both in this world and beyond. To call in your team of loyal protectors and supporters, both physically and energetically. They want you to learn to soften through life’s ups and downs and to learn to open your heart, especially when it most wants to harden.

Soul Inquiry:  How can you open yourself up to receiving more support?

Card for the Week of 3/8/21

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Deck

LIFTING THE VEIL- Questioning everything. Anything unaligned must go.

Things aren’t always as they seem. This era is one of uncovering mistruths so we can remember ancient truths. Everything is in a state of recall and realignment. Anything that isn’t in harmony with the planet will not survive.

This goes for society and the world at large as well as in our own lives. If you pull this card you’re being called to energetically scan your life for things that may no longer be a vibrational match for who you are and how you’ve grown. To dismantle the systems and ways of being that once served you and others but no longer do so.

Some Starseeds are here to lift the veil between the seen and unseen worlds. To shine a light on things that are inauthentic or unaligned with the survival and wellbeing of Earth. To stand for and protect those who don’t have a voice. To look deeper and question everything that previous generations did not.

Some Starseeds cannot tolerate things that aren’t congruent. They are here to bring society and humanity back into harmony with the planet and the creator at large. If we tolerate things in our life that aren’t aligned and congruent with it, we add to the misalignment of the planet.

You’re being called to trust yourself, notice what’s out of alignment, and then take the baby steps required to bring it back into harmony. This is no easy feat, but it’s so worthwhile. Both individually and for the planet.

Soul Inquiry: What isn’t congruent in your life? How are you being called to bring it back into harmony?

Card for the Week of 3/1/21

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

Wait- It’s not yet time. Things are being woven

In our fast, loud, reactive, comparative world, where an instant response is so often expected and at times even a currency, it can feel almost impossible to take a breath, let alone give ourselves the space to rest, wait, and reset. We’re so often in overdrive, expecting instantaneous results over and over again. And when guidance doesn’t come at these extreme speeds, it can feel as though something’s gone wrong.

But often, not receiving guidance is guidance in itself. When you ask for guidance and don’t receive it, it can often mean wait.It’s not yet time. The details are being Woven.

Our challenge is to keep trusting when, on the surface, it appears that nothing’s happening. To remember that no matter how long or bitter the winter, spring does always come. To remember that you don’t need to solve all of the world’ problems in a single day – and that perhaps they’ll be better solved with some perspective and a good night’s sleep.

This card is your permission to slip, to slow down, switch off, and rest. You’re being reminded to have patience and to trust the mystery of life. To trust that things are being woven on your behalf. It may not be happening to the timeline you’d like but if you gather up the patience, it’ll be orchestrated better than you can ever imagine.

Soul Inquiry: How can you slow down, be more patient, and wait?