Card for the Week of 9/27/2021

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

You Got The LoveHadarian energy. Codependency. Boundaries.

The Hadarians are believed to be beacons of pure, divine, unconditional love who see love in all people and situations. As a result, they can find it hard to have boundaried, interdependent, healthy relationships because they only see the unconditional nature of those they meet.

The lovers of the cosmos, they dive in fast. They’re here to learn how to love while in a separate body. To learn to love self first and then establish healthy relationships with others. To remember that the love they seek is already within them. That they truly do have the love all on their own.

The message of this card is to review the ways you may need to establish healthier boundaries. Perhaps you’re in a codependent relationship in which you may be losing your sense of self. It’s common for Starseeds to dive deep into relationships, particularly with those who feel safe and familiar at a soul level.

Perhaps you’re in a relationship in which you give more than you receive. Or perhaps there’s a certain volatility to it and you’re always unsure where you stand. This card is a sign to do a relationship review and see what energetic agreements you’ve made, consciously or unconsciously. To acknowledge it if there are relationships in which you feel anxious or powerless. In which you don’t feel like it’s safe to relax and just be you. To assess if there are any places of inadequacy that you’ve used a relationship to soothe and cover up.

Soul Inquiry: How do you lose yourself in relationships? How can you develop a deeper love for yourself?

Card for the Week of 9/13/2021

The message for this week has been loud and clear to stay grounded and find your center. Find the ways in which you feel grounded and rooted in the moment. Whether it helps being outside in nature, going for a walk, working out, petting your dog or cat, taking deep intentional breaths, imagine roots going from the bottom of your feet into the Center of the Earth, move your body, sit still in silence, listen to music or perhaps meditate without worrying about being anywhere else. And if you find yourself feeling scattered, indecisive, and overwhelmed check in with yourself and come back to your Heart.

We can easily be pulled in a million different directions with the daily responsibilities of life and there are many things that can easily distract us. Where is your awareness right now? Are you physically in one place but your thoughts are somewhere else? Already thinking about the next thing on your to do list? Or perhaps replaying something from your past or worrying about the future? If so call yourself back from all times, places and spaces, put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a couple of seconds and breathe out through your mouth. Do this at least 3 times and feel your energy come back into your physical body. You deserve this moment to check in with yourself, pause and relax even if just for a moment.

Soul Inquiry: What helps you to feel grounded? And can you put this into practice throughout your day to help bring you back to your center?

Card for the Week of 9/6/21

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Deck

Inner EarthYou’ll survive this. New solutions and beginnings.

Recently this message appeared and is back again. At a time when there seems to be so much chaos, disruption and Divisiveness in the World, believe it or not this is happening on such a rapid level to raise the consciousness of Humanity. Whether you are an observer or someone right in the heart of all the fear and chaos, it affects us all. Perhaps you can zoom out to see the bigger picture as Humanity goes through Collective Change and transformation. You will get through this in spite of all the challenges it brings about. As the World as you know it seems to be falling apart, perhaps look it another way, as the much needed breakdown for the breakthrough of new possibilities to take the place of old programming. And although it is unknown as to how long this will this will last due to the many time lines that are possible, again you will get through this.

There are solutions beyond what you can perceive. Surprising outcomes to your problems and situations. Resolutions that are in the best interests of all involved. If you find yourself facing an obstacle, or feeling stuck, and have no idea what to do, you’re being reassured that there is a way out. You’ll survive this and things will work out.

If you’re stuck in a rut, do something to shake up the energy and shift your thinking. Try something you wouldn’t normally do. Soon you’ll see that whole new worlds of solutions are available. Things that were previously beyond your focus will present themselves. Helpful people, signs from the Universe, and support in both expected and unexpected ways are on their way to you. But first, you need to do something different to shift your focus so you can receive them.

Where in your life can you create anew? A new thought, a new habit, a new perspective, a new relationship, a new business, a new project, a new way of being that can bring about more joy? How can you be the change that you want to see in the World?

Soul Inquiry: What can you do to shift your energy or your outlook?

(Happy New Moon! Take some time today to reflect and make New Moon wishes).