Card for the Week of 10/18/2021

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

Inner Earth- You’ll survive this. New solutions and beginnings.

Inner Earth (also known as Agartha) is believed to be a hidden subterranean world within the planet itself. Many ancient cultures mention it in their stories: it’s said that some of the beings of ancient lost lands such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and Āryāvarta went there. Hindu and Celtic lore mention caves and entrances to underground worlds. Tibetan Buddhism refers to the secret mystical city Shambala, which is thought to be located in the Himalayas.

Many have searched for Inner Earth in the physical world, but without success. So the mystery continues: is it a place that exists in the physical or on another level of consciousness?

There are solutions beyond what you can perceive. Surprising outcomes to your problems and situations. Resolutions that are in the best interests of all involved. If you find yourself facing an obstacle, or feeling stuck, and have no idea what to do, you’re being reassured that there is a way out. You’ll survive this and things will work out.

If you’re stuck in a rut, do something to shake up the energy and shift your thinking. Try something you wouldn’t normally do. Soon you’ll see that whole new worlds of solutions are available. Things that were previously beyond your focus will present themselves. Helpful people, signs from the Universe, and support in both expected and unexpected ways are on their way to you. But first, you need to do something different to shift your focus so you can receive them.

Soul Inquiry: What can you do to shift your energy or your outlook?

Card for the Week of 10/4/21

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

Breath of The Cosmos- My will to thy will. Micromanaging the Universe.

When we rely only on our own will, we’re micromanaging the Universe and resisting the natural flow of life. We are not trusting the mysterious breath of life. We’re rejecting the great cosmic intelligence and relying instead on our personal strength. When we do this, we find ourselves attempting to bend things to our will. We spend our time forcing, pushing, and living from a space of ‘trying to.’ Everyone around us can feel it. And the Universe can too. 

You’re being called to stop micromanaging the Universe and trust the breath of life. To surrender to the greater will that God has for you. To move from ‘my will to thy will.’

When you surrender to the greater will of life, you begin dancing with the rest of life. When you bow to the great mystery and say, ‘Please use me, please show me the way,’ little by little you find yourself living your most fulfilling authentic life. When you surrender your personal will – when you relinquish control and release the way you think things should be and surrender to the greater will – you find yourself being led. You begin breathing the breath of life.

ACTIVATION: Place your hand on the portal of your heart and whisper the following:

‘I’m willing to stop relying on my own strength and personal agenda and instead surrender to the breath of life. Dear God, help me move from my will to thy will. Please lead me. Please show me the way.’