12/18/21 Full Moon Message

The Good Tarot- Collette Baron-Reid

10 of Water- Serenity, peace, good fortune, well being

10 is the energy of completion and firm endings of cycles, and manifestation of the Element of Water which relates to the Heart, our emotions and how they affect our dynamics with others. Your perception is everything and although it would seem as though the outside world is challenging which can cloud your perception only you know and feel the truth for you. Take a step back, away from the chaos right now because that is the illusion, that is the energy of mass fear rising to the surface but as you continue to do the work of going within, you can live as the Buddha of your own life by staying centered within your heart and following your own path to enlightenment. 

All is well with the world and with you. Well-being is your natural state. Everything you need comes to you easily and effortlessly. You feel joy and express it to others as you look around and see all the love that we share. You take pleasure in all you have accomplished. Whatever attention you receive or don’t receive, you are serene, for you know full well what it took for you to get where you are. You celebrate yourself and all who traveled the road with you and feel grateful to Spirit for being your companion always.

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