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This is my journey, my story of how I went from the overwhelming feeling of not having enough, not doing and being enough, unfulfilled to opening up to an awareness, a knowing to the infinite possibilities of living a more effortless life. A life of ease and flow, a life of miracles, a life of love and happiness. Finally awoken by the Universal Energies that exist all around us and within us!

Joyfully awake is more than just the name of my blog, it’s a way of being. Awake and aware by having daily practices that allow us to flow in alignment living in more sustainable joy. Where we can lean on a higher power, connect through stories, experiences, guided wisdom, inspiration, intuition, pure love, energy healing and through mindfulness.  My Intention for this space is always of the highest and greatest good of all! That we are surrounded and protected by pure love & light. To be able take a moment to pause, breathe, to allow the light of pure love to shine through and all around. To help cleanse, uplift, inspire, keeping us grounded, feeling safe and protected while learning how to raise our vibe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for joining the joyfullyawake movement!

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