Highly Sensitive Person/Empath

This audio message I am sharing today was recorded as a private message to self but it is so important to bring more awareness to what an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person is and how if you don’t realize you are one you can begin to feel a little crazy because what you have been feeling may not be yours. This not only affects me but I am doing this for our children as well. There is a way to where this can be our greatest gift instead of feeling like a curse. I choose to see it as my greatest gift but to do that there are tools and practices that can help us to thrive in life. Ironically it’s 4:44 long, this is an Angel number and one that repeatedly comes up in life almost daily. I did not intentionally do that but love it when it happens.

Creative Intuitive Children

From a place within that I have tapped into, a connection to the creative source of all that is, my creative genius, my higher power. Not just for a chosen few but all can do this. As I continue to cultivate joyfullyawake, a way of being, a community, a unity of all to sustain more love and joy. I will show others how to do the same by loving ourselves and connecting to our greatest gift our intuition.
It begins by choosing to say yes, I’m ready to remember who I really am and why I am here. We all have purpose, we are all so creatively gifted in whatever way that shows up for you.
You can work as a toll booth attendant and be shining your light using your smile, your gifts to brighten someone else’s day (no offense to toll both workers in the world).
Our children are all gifted and came here to teach us how to love unconditionally but many adults had children out of a need to feel loved back. Perhaps they felt a lack of love as a child and now we have wounded parents that need to learn to love themselves and parent themselves. And children that are confused as to what they have done wrong, feeling a disconnect and a lack of love and self-worth as well.
Change has to happen, take a small step and say yes to yourself. As you cultivate a relationship with self it ripples to the people around you. Meaning your children, spouses all those you love will watch, feel and see you as a role model and change organically plays out. The vibration you raise in yourself will raise that in others, this is a Universal law.
We all think it is someone else who needs to change but it is time that we all take a look in the mirror. And I know some have had really difficult childhoods for that I’m sorry. As an empath even if I did not have the traumatic experience personally I took on others pain as my own but I know now I serve better by setting boundaries using my gifts to help without taking on another’s energy completely.
I now realize that I can set healthy boundaries, as children and many adults we are not aware of this unless we are taught, so we may take on our teachers, parents, friends, coworkers, grandparents, society in general’s pain and suffering. And we question why so many children act out, but yet punish them in ways that fosters this painful energy within by withholding recess, by making them sit still not able to express what is going on, by refusing creative fun ways of expression, so they suffer in silence and the cycle continues.
I believe we need a change across the board, it begins with the adults, schools, we need to be open to the children in the world now and the new children coming in as these children are the way showers, the earth angels, the light workers of the future. With great empathy, comes sensitivity and the price of sensitivity is…..well sensitivity this means a new system of teaching to add in mindfulness, learning how to center ourselves, learning to have more compassion for one another and using our gift of intuition. Learning how to love ourselves, teaching that our self-worth and perception of self is one of the most valuable lessons to know.
The fight fire with fire method only adds to disaster, we must begin to teach all traits are to be celebrated and not put so many labels on children and people in general. We could thrive in a society that trusts and leads with their hearts, our greatest creators, inventors used their gift of intuition, sat in rooms for hours with their breath, expanding their minds to connect to the inspired brilliance that we see in so many things we use today.
Imagine where we could be if we allowed our children to use their natural gift of creating and didn’t try to stifle it by telling them their too loud; be quiet, or your to shy be more assertive. Our loud one’s could be our world leaders, our shy ones the greatest inventors and thinkers but we may never know because we taught them to be someone they aren’t.

Infinite Totality

unconditional-love-2When we can look at life as the infinite totality of limitless possibilities, knowing love itself is eternal, we can look at it as the journey it is. Every ending just means there is now a new beginning, like a circle, the circle of life that is always flowing never-ending, sometimes it may be difficult to see where one chapter ends and another begins but if we can look at every experience in our lives as an opportunity to grow and learn then we realize our life always has purpose. Even in times when maybe we have drifted away from that eternal love, from source, from our true purpose of living a joyful life full of love for ourselves to share this purpose with others to come together as a collective to raise each other up through creative abundance, through community, through an infinite supply of source energy; love, we are still on purpose. Energy is ever flowing and as Albert Einstein states “Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be changed from one form to another”.

So the journey itself is what life is all about, there is no ending. For even when we leave our physical bodies, our love still exist through the people in our lives, our spirit lives on perhaps to help those we leave behind to continue to learn the life lessons with the ultimate lesson being self-love, approval and acceptance. If we can’t love ourselves truly and care for ourselves it makes it difficult to truly love others from a place of authenticity, without condition because now we are tapping into our own energy and giving of ourselves completely feeling that this is love. We get lost in this false concept of love.

We are all conduits, a vehicle in which source moves and experiences life through us, so if source is infinite and we can wrap our minds around the concept that infinite source energy is ever-moving, ever-changing pure love that as we stay connected, we embody this pure love and allow source to shine through us, allowing us to share in love but knowing we are always connected to our infinite supply, so if we are feeling depleted, then we are using our own energy and are not allowing pure love in.

It is through fear that we lose that connection to source, that we begin to rely on our own strength rather than allowing source to channel through us in abundantly creative ways because we are scared that we are not in control of our own lives, at some point we were taught this or observed this behavior that became ingrained in us, that life is hard and we must push through it. Yes in our own suffering we can learn some of the greatest lessons but it is when we stay stuck in the suffering, in the past stories, stay stuck in fear that we stay the victim. Shadow work is a great way of healing as long as you can face it, learn from it and release it. So again it comes in the unlearning, uncovering of all the limiting beliefs that we picked up along the way, to allow our truest whole self to emerge and allow love in to be lead to follow the path of ease and flow, the path that exist with your name on it because that path is your birthright. Anything else that feels difficult is false. So surrender to love, be open to allowing and receiving the infinite creative abundance of pure source energy.

Feeling in Flow

Today I am so proud of myself, truly I feel intuitive inspiration flowing through me. Knowing I am a clear channel for pure love. As I continue to let go of the past to uncover who I have always been, feeling so connected to my spirit, the highest aspect of  myself. Feeling so much gratitude, blessed beyond words, expanded all because I said yes to putting in the time to love myself, to face my fears instead of pushing them away, connecting and listening to my heart, my intuition, my body. Through mirror work and simple tools we can live a life beyond our wildest dreams. It is through the little successes that I am finding have such a profound impact on the bigger picture.

Self love, approval and acceptance could be the answer to all our worldly problems. Go within, connect with source, choose love, expand your awareness and shift your perception, take action no matter how big or small towards living your birthright!

Intuition & God’s Presence

Art is an expression of ourselves, our world, our life.  I was feeling unsettled, as if I should be doing more, should be further along, knowing I was once again creating a false story. When I begin to feel this way I have gone back to picking up my paint brush to get in creative flow, a reminder of who I really am. I connect with art because there is no need for perfection, in some cases the imperfection in pieces is what makes it so perfect, so effortless, so easy. When I get out of my own way, I can allow myself to flow. When I see the vision in my mind and know exactly what it will look like but without a plan and as I paint sometimes the vision shifts, changes and that’s okay because I can feel the flow and go with it. I feel my highest self, the energy of joy, as the top of my head will tingle, feeling the full body YES, you are in bliss, in flow, not judging yourself, not doubting, just free-flowing. Why can’t it be like this all the time? (I hear my spirit ask), just allow me to take you by the hand and show you how. Trust, please now it’s now time to trust. Trust that you/we (your inner guidance system, your inner being) knows, that Source knows where you feel this loving presence most. (As I am typing I see light shining up from the keys, letting me know I’m in the presence of God right now). For anytime I am creating, I am being, enjoying life, I am in the presence of pure love and even in the times I am not I know God is still present, it just may not be as obvious because we are usually clouded by negative thoughts.

As we learn to trust our gift of intuition, given to us by God (I believe to make our lives easier) so we can communicate, feel and know this loving presence that guides us in a way that let’s us know you are not ever alone, I am with you and I’m here to help you embody pure love. Life is easier if you can let go and let God in, let love in. (This whole time it’s as if I am a stenographer except hearing a small, loving voice speak to me as I type). I have questioned this voice for way to long, I can no longer deny this voice I hear is the voice of God (and it shows up in many different ways, in ways that I will accept it and am willing to hear it and comes through everyone not just a chosen few). Even through difficult times, that same voice reminds me to breathe, I’m here, I’ve never left you, calls my name, sometimes may tell me things I don’t want to hear but know it’s what I need to hear. Our intuition, is this God….the light within that moves us in creative ways to lean towards love or one of the many ways that God connects, speaks, moves, feels, allows the energy of source to use us a vessel to allow pure love to shine through.