Card for the Week of 6/28/21

Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle

Activated Earth – Power places. Ley lines. Trust where you’re led.

Ley lines are invisible pathways on the land along which energy travels. They can be sensed when we tune in to them with our subtle senses. Also known as spirit paths, they’ve been compared to the meridian system of the body used in Chinese medicine, and they link sacred sites, stone circles, burial mounds, and places of worship worldwide.

In Australian Aboriginal culture, song lines were the paths traveled by the creator beings as they made the land and sea during the Dreaming. These paths were recorded in the traditional songs and dances of the people, allowing them to access information about the land’s history and to travel safely across great distances.

Many believe that as we visit such sacred points on Earth, something is activated within us. Some also believe that by connecting with the land with devotion at these sacred places, something is activated within the planet too.

Are you being called to travel to a sacred place that your soul remembers? Or to tend the land you live on? To honor and acknowledge the known and unknown keepers or nature spirits of that land? As you connect with the Earth and honor its keepers, the land opens up more fully to hold you, the fruits provide more nourishment, and the guardians watch over you.

Starseed Activation: Place your hand on the portal of your heart and whisper the following: ‘I honor and thank the keepers of the Earth beneath me, known and unknown. Thank you for your nourishment and tender holding.’

Card for the Week of 1/4/21

Rebecca Campbell Starseed Seed Oracle

Orion energy. Polarity. Soul growth conflict.

The constellation Orion is thought by many to have been a place of great polarity and eventual unity. Some believe that many Starseeds who were part of this cosmic history are incarnate on Earth now and are playing out karmic relationships from Orion times. Perhaps you’re one of them.

Polarity causes conflict and highlights separation. However, because of this, conflict can also result in unity and growth. Too many misunderstandings are caused when we don’t open our heart and mind and see things from a different point of view. When we go into reactive second-guessing mode instead of gathering the courage to open our heart, admit that we may have reacted because of our own woundings, and find mutual ground.

We’re all innocent children looking to be seen, understood, and cherished. It’s much harder to grow closer through conflict than it is to grow further apart. And yet that’s the invitation of conflict. It’s easy to react and take things personally. It’s more challenging to see the innocence of all involved and find a way to grow closer through the conflict. It’s through relationships that we grow the most.

How can you soften your heart and drop your defenses enough to see things from a different point of view? How can you see the innocence of all involved? How can you learn to see the similarities rather than the differences?

Soul Inquiry: Which relationships do you find the most challenging? How can you see things from a different perspective? How are you being called to allow growth through the conflict? 


This post goes perfectly with the Card of the week message for 9/7/2020 regarding Forgiveness.

Forgiveness can heal deep wounds, open the heart and free us all. It’s been a while since I’ve shared an audio message and because I wanted to talk about forgiveness today I felt this recording from last year was very fitting. Even from when I recorded this message I can see the growth in myself. I mention acceptance as well, as I feel forgiveness goes hand and hand with acceptance. Sometimes in order to fully accept we need to be able to forgive ourselves and others first. I share a personal story about someone that I felt wasn’t giving me what I wanted, when I wanted it and how I expected it. They didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear so I judged by making a statement, that the person was not where I was…which isn’t a bad thing as there is no right or wrong place for where…

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Creative Intuitive Children

Be your Self, trust your Self, love your Self and say Yes to your Self is what I’m being asked of daily. Right now we are all being asked to step up and be our truest Self. This is a reminder to allow our children to do the same. There would be so many less problems in the world if we weren’t a bunch of sheep being herded to fit into society’s mold (who created all these rules we were supposed to fit into anyway and to who are we helping by fitting into their wants and desires, in this made society? What agendas are we helping in the big picture?)

From a place within that I have tapped into, a connection to the creative source of all that is, my creative genius, my higher power. Not just for a chosen few but all can do this. As I continue to cultivate joyfullyawake, a way of being, a community, a unity of all to sustain more love and joy. I will show others how to do the same by loving ourselves and connecting to our greatest gift our intuition.
It begins by choosing to say yes, I’m ready to remember who I really am and why I am here. We all have purpose, we are all so creatively gifted in whatever way that shows up for you.
You can work as a toll booth attendant and be shining your light using your smile, your gifts to brighten someone else’s day (no offense to toll both workers in the world).
Our children…

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Sound Healing Frequency

We are all shape shifting, with the way change is a constant in our lives. Rapid energy swirling all around, the Universe asking us to step it up. Not much that we have to do or that has to be done as we are being done whether we realize it or not. Change and new we all desired, especially since we are a culture of the instant, the “I want it right here and right now.” We asked for it, we pushed it forward and now we are in it and some may not know how to handle it. Making decisions can sometimes have us feeling our judgement is clouded, where do we turn when there are so many options. Options are good, aren’t they? Except now everywhere we turn there is a new way of eating, sleeping, meditating, working, parenting, sexing, relation-shipping, who is right? who is wrong? What…

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Love Over Powers All

A Message from the Divine Mother

All of it is real and all an illusion created by you.  As your faith grows, your gifts grow, your love grows because you are no longer leaning on yourself, no longer allowing fear to lead you or take over, you are leaning on a power much greater.  Love is what over powers all!  Call in unconditional love every morning, the light of love to surround you, to uplift you.  You have known this for so long.  Simple but so powerful, it is what you came here to learn and teach, self-love, self acceptance, teach it to all.  Through your powerful messages, continue to go within, connect with love, follow your heart, feel as it continues to guide you, smell the roses, walk in nature, do what brings you joy and remember to RELAX, follow your inner guidance & as you do your outer world will reflect back to you love.  Know all is well, all that you desire is waiting for you and with each and every step you take, with each intentional breath you take (breathe in and out feel love fill your entire being, the space you are in), be present, dream big, be open and continue allowing love in.  Love you always, your love guide!

Free & Awake (Indigo Child)

We can’t be told who we are or what to do, freedom, to be free is to fly maybe that is why I connect to the sky, the birds because of the flawless flight as they soar high. Landing stopping from time to time, to tree to tree, a new experience, a new place, a new dream, does it ever stop, do we ever stop wanting, desiring…NO. So why or how did I get here? Lost for twenty something years, a young adult out on my own, then a child having a child but I still feel wild and free. Parenting, yes although books will tell us how, they don’t know who I am so how will I learn through a manual all the while having an innate way of raising another being. Feeling so much pressure to do this right. Life is not a school or at least not like any school I’ve been to. Being trained to be told what to do and how to do it, yes there are rules, laws, ways of being that society feels comfortable with but my innate knowing felt like I wanted to break all the rules, they never made sense; be good, sit still, stop laughing, be quiet, be a proper girl, Sshhhh. The more I was told this the more I pushed back so I did all I knew, I broke the rules but was good at showing face to look ” GOOD” on the outside. Behind the scenes I did and tried things that would be labeled wrong, bad, dirty. So outside I looked okay but inside society would have me feeling shame, a rotting away because I felt I created a lie.

Not so much a lie but a disguise. But now I have to be responsible, get a job, a home, I wouldn’t have it any other way and wouldn’t take any of it back but wish I took more pride instead of creating a nest of anger and resentment inside. I followed the path of the white picket fence but never felt like I fit in that perfect world (which is really not that perfect). In fact I felt so lost until I was awaken. Now realizing I had been asleep, there is a wonderful world that lies outside and within. Once I was awoken to the truth of who I always been and the girl who was once outspoken, that stood up and talked back was okay all along. That little girl who dreamed big still lives free inside me. I am her and she is me.

Avoidance: Just another way Fear shows up

When we live from a place of fear we try to create a “safe” environment by putting so much of our energy into avoiding so many things, and not living our truth. We may look at almost everything, everyone and situation as a potential danger (from people, to germs, finances, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of giving up or never trying at all, relationships, jobs,etc). So we put all this energy into avoiding everything that frightens us, which makes sense….we were taught don’t touch that it will break, don’t pet that dog he may bite, don’t jump off the monkey bars you’ll break your arm, don’t swim to deep you may drown, don’t run you’ll fall.  So it’s ingrained at a young age to avoid or to not try at all so we don’t get hurt. Which creates some level of fear in just about anything and everything we encounter in our daily lives.  I believe this to be a learned behavior, whether it came from the teachers in our lives and even if it didn’t come from our parents, we learned this at school, through watching others, everywhere you go as children we observed, learned and felt this “avoidance” behavior. And now our energy can feel stifled, trying so hard to breathe but we are literally strangling ourselves.  And if now we are the scared adult with children of our own, that is a whole other level of fear.  We end up missing out on “LIFE” and projecting our worries and fears onto our children.

I realized in my avoiding I also create procrastination which is just another form of fear and it is all because I am afraid.  But now being aware and mindful of the things I put so much energy into avoiding, knowing it is a great step forward because now I am more easily able to catch myself, ask why am I doing this? Or more importantly why am I NOT doing this? And whatever is causing me to avoid (as long as it’s truly not going to physically cause me harm or another) I choose to choose the latter, choose to take right step actions towards what brings me joy, choose love over fear.  Of course I’m not saying jump out of a plane without a parachute but the everyday choices that we make to avoid the things that scare us are actually creating that very thing we are avoiding.  It’s actually creating more fear.

Whether it’s constantly worrying about your weight; putting your focus into avoiding this food or that food but the scale stays the same or you seem to put on more weight (instead focus your energy on loving yourself), staying in relationships/friendships that cause you pain or drain you avoiding being alone (instead of focusing your energy on loving yourself and making room for the right partner to come into your life), staying in a job that you are miserable at because it’s safe avoiding going after your dreams and although you are bringing in an income you still seem to stay in a vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck or barely having enough to get by (instead focus your energy on loving yourself take steps to go after your dream, find your purpose), avoiding an uncomfortable conversation because you are scared of confrontation but held in for too long either later turns into a complete blow out battle or turned inward an ucler, avoiding asking for help out of fear that you will look weak because you “should’ be able to handle it all or that you will be disappointed that no one will offer a helping hand.  My solution will continue to be the same focus your energy on loving yourself, do what brings you joy.

Think about all the things in life that you work so hard at and that you’ve been putting your energy into avoiding, how long have you been missing out on life, how long have you been stuck in the same unhappy patterns? Begin to do the opposite, be aware, switch up your game, your daily routine, your perception, open your awareness, take a moment to Breathe with intent, ask for help.  Incorporate something new into your life that you have been avoiding. Do something different, see what happens. Begin to take the path of least resistance by trusting All is well. I’m ready to jump, jump with me and if we fall I know we’ll get right back up but I have to try!!!! Start small if you have to, whether it’s getting up earlier to incorporate a morning run or to take 5 minutes to yourself to jump-start your day.

I would love to hear feedback because I bet we all have similar avoidance out of fear.  I feel when we share it heals us, it let’s us know we are not alone and brings us closer together, in unity.  I’ve been avoiding expanding my audience, fully sharing my messages and my healing gifts (I have so much to say, so many experiences I want to share but have been holding back a bit because I was scared others wouldn’t accept me for who I am).  But now that I have more love and acceptance for myself, I feel I want to share more freely.  Knowing that self-love and acceptance is important to me, I want to look myself in the mirror and like the person I see knowing I am being as authentic as possible with every day setting an intention to do my very best.

Just for today I will be kind to all living things, just for today I will not worry, just for today I will not be angry, just for today I will be grateful, just for today I will do my work honestly.  These are the Reiki principles which I have begun to live by daily and I add a couple of my own like I will practice forgiveness, I will not judge others or myself and be more loving and compassionate). I am a certified Intuitive Reiki Energy healer and soon will offer my services to the public.

I have these amazing gifts and ready to share them.  I’ve done so much self-healing, a lot of introspective investigation to figure out who I am, why I am the way I am, why I feel, hear, see and know so much. I was stopped in my tracks a couple of months ago because I asked daily who am I and what is my purpose and I received the answers over and over and over again but I wasn’t listening, I wasn’t sharing, I was un-grounded due to all the self-doubt/ fear I was still holding onto. I wanted to be of service and was given everything to do so but kept it to myself because I wasn’t in a place of self-love and acceptance.  Sometimes the miracles, the experiences I’ve been gifted have been so special, so amazing, so unreal that I didn’t know how to express them but I know now it is time. Energy healing combined with my greatest gift of intuition to be able to connect to people on a soul level to help them live their best lives ever. To help others raise their vibration to release the emotional blocks that cause emotional/physical pain is a gift that needs to be shared.  For me I feel most like myself, most authentic when I can connect to this part of me, where I am a conduit for Creative Divine Source Energy to work through me, where I feel my best, in complete alignment with the path that has been laid out for me, where I can serve while feeling fulfilled, attracting abundance and feel free. Allow the light in me help to ignite the light in you!











Self Love & Acceptance

Seeking validation and approval from outside sources my whole life thinking this past year I had fully mastered self-love and acceptance.  Until I was stopped by my shadow pieces, the pieces of me that keep blocking me from moving forward, that have been keeping me on a roller coaster of ups and downs.  Through this transformation, faced with the lies I had created, releasing each block, each emotion that was created from fear, from an illusion, a false reality.  As I’m shown what still stands in my way to my life’s purpose, my true whole self and my soul will not allow me to ascend until I face myself and learn to discern what is truth and what is false. All the lessons I am learning, realizing it all comes back to me…. the only person I need approval from is “MYSELF”.  As I continue to bring awareness to all that I can, try to look yourself in the mirror and say “I love and accept myself because I am special”.  It sounds easier said then done (especially if you can still hear a piece of you telling yourself “I hate you”, the false self, lower self, the voice of your ego).

I’ve said it before and need to say it again it begins with our children… have them say to themselves “I love and accept myself because I am special” or simply “I love myself”.  The pain and expansion in my heart when a young child comes to me to express her pain and I ask her to put her hands on her heart and please say those very words, all the while doing as I asked of her but saying this is so stupid, rolling her eyes at me.  Me wishing so desperately that she believed in that phrase because I knew she knew I didn’t believe it for myself so how dare I ask of her to do something that I fully didn’t feel.  Because I hadn’t taught myself yet how to love myself, how can I ask her to do the same.  Because I had not shown her what self-love and acceptance really looks and feels like.  I am supposed to be her role model but yet my children are my teachers and also my mirror.

I have gone back to my younger self, my teenage self, young adult or should I say they have come to me to show me the shadow pieces that I needed to heal.  We can all do this, travel back in time by going within or looking in a mirror (mirror work), writing a letter to our younger selves and apologize to yourself for creating lies that would later lead to self sabotage and allow the you right now to say “I forgive you”.  Self forgiveness is so powerful.

Know that children have been watching, hearing and feeling what you are sending out from within.  Please take a moment, breathe, stop, stop beating yourself up, watch what you say around your children, but mostly be aware of what you are telling yourself, stop pretending everything is okay when it isn’t and begin to heal your inner child and as you do the little one’s (and not so little) will mirror back to you, YOU! And hopefully that mirror will reflect pure LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

My Truth

I believe, God is the creative Divine Source of all that is.  I had lost that knowing along the way, the inner knowing I had grown to trust, that inner creative genius, inner guidance.  I began to crave and trust something outside of me and all the while the answers were still within.  We all know this to some degree or another but lose sight of it and forget along the way.  I gave my power away to so many (something I said I would not do again once I connected to my higher power within).  Divine Will is when you completely trust and are able to commune with a higher power that works with you and for you, to know we are all worthy of the most beautiful life full of love, joy, abundance and miracles.  Because I love and accept myself and know I am special.  I know this again but many do not.  I know my purpose is to bring about change through awareness. I may not know exactly all the details of what that looks like right now but I know I will be shown the way.  Even in what I’ve been through I know I had to go through, it was my soul’s plan, to be able to fully come into more of my truth and to fully stand in my truth.  Without truly releasing the old out dated beliefs, paradigm and emotions that no longer serve how could I possibly truly serve from a place of authenticity.

Many of us do not use our creative side, the right side of our brain.  This is where creativity flows, where I believe passion is sparked, inspiration, motivation and most of all where we trust our greatest gift our intuition….this is where we can trust our heart center.  That feeling I get when I ask a question now and my heart expands, knowing my heart will never lie to me.  We are taught at a young age to use the left side of our brain and I do believe we need a healthy balance of both but to only use logic and not creativity… we lose our zest for life.  We lose who we are, who we are meant to be.  All beautiful creative beings of light, here to co-create with each other as one.  I lost sight of this and so many things that I had remembered and been taught along the way.  But I make a promise to myself I will never forget again (the pain of doing so is way more than my soul can take).  I will take time for myself and nurture myself because I have to, I will be more forgiving to myself and others, I will do my best to try not to pass judgement and if I do I will practice forgiveness again and I will always have compassion for all including myself.  To have compassion and to love ourselves and others from a true heart centered place is life changing. Empathy is a strength!! To feel another’s emotions, joy or pain can be difficult at times but once you learn  how to have true compassion for another without taking on another’s energy completely on as your own, you can help and be of service from a place of authenticity because you can make sure you are not giving up your power, your energy to another.

The word Empath, everyone needs to become familiar with this word because I believe many if not all of us are one.  I know I am one… feel the pain of the world can be difficult at times but that is where my deep compassion for others comes from, that is where my deep desire to be of service comes from, to want to heal the world.  I may not be able to heal everyone but through the messages I share which I know will help to raise awareness through intention by being a clear channel for pure divine love to work through, I am being my truth.

With love in my heart always.  Stay heart centered without giving your power away and live with more joy, love, compassion and authenticity.  The way we are always meant to.