Unique Creativity

Creativity and uniqueness are the words for today.  Everyone has their own gifts and talents, our creator has created every unique spirit to use their  special gifts, to be creative in helping humanity move forward.  Creativity is what inspires you and others, it motivates and ignites passion.  When your gifts are used for the greater good, the universe takes care of you, you will notice people, places and situations put in your path on this journey towards your creative mission.  Be open to seeing and feeling the signs, the synchronicities as they come.  Use your gut feelings, your intuition to guide you as you gain more confidence in yourself you will have a deep inner knowing that guides you, remember we are always guiding you in the most divine way on your journey.  Be confident that the answers are within you, trust and have faith in you.  As it begins with you!  Continue to release any doubt and fear that may still be holding you back, release it into the light, remember you are a talented, creative being who lights up the world. Trust and have faith…..trust and have faith!  Be creative and confident in your unique abilities and we are always here when you need us.  With Love!

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