Intuition & God’s Presence

Art is an expression of ourselves, our world, our life.  I was feeling unsettled, as if I should be doing more, should be further along, knowing I was once again creating a false story. When I begin to feel this way I have gone back to picking up my paint brush to get in creative flow, a reminder of who I really am. I connect with art because there is no need for perfection, in some cases the imperfection in pieces is what makes it so perfect, so effortless, so easy. When I get out of my own way, I can allow myself to flow. When I see the vision in my mind and know exactly what it will look like but without a plan and as I paint sometimes the vision shifts, changes and that’s okay because I can feel the flow and go with it. I feel my highest self, the energy of joy, as the top of my head will tingle, feeling the full body YES, you are in bliss, in flow, not judging yourself, not doubting, just free-flowing. Why can’t it be like this all the time? (I hear my spirit ask), just allow me to take you by the hand and show you how. Trust, please now it’s now time to trust. Trust that you/we (your inner guidance system, your inner being) knows, that Source knows where you feel this loving presence most. (As I am typing I see light shining up from the keys, letting me know I’m in the presence of God right now). For anytime I am creating, I am being, enjoying life, I am in the presence of pure love and even in the times I am not I know God is still present, it just may not be as obvious because we are usually clouded by negative thoughts.

As we learn to trust our gift of intuition, given to us by God (I believe to make our lives easier) so we can communicate, feel and know this loving presence that guides us in a way that let’s us know you are not ever alone, I am with you and I’m here to help you embody pure love. Life is easier if you can let go and let God in, let love in. (This whole time it’s as if I am a stenographer except hearing a small, loving voice speak to me as I type). I have questioned this voice for way to long, I can no longer deny this voice I hear is the voice of God (and it shows up in many different ways, in ways that I will accept it and am willing to hear it and comes through everyone not just a chosen few). Even through difficult times, that same voice reminds me to breathe, I’m here, I’ve never left you, calls my name, sometimes may tell me things I don’t want to hear but know it’s what I need to hear. Our intuition, is this God….the light within that moves us in creative ways to lean towards love or one of the many ways that God connects, speaks, moves, feels, allows the energy of source to use us a vessel to allow pure love to shine through.


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