Collectively we create change

Our thoughts are very powerful and what you think about will expand.  The collective consciousness is the power of the thoughts of the collective.  When you have a thought or a belief and it’s multiplied by “the collective”, group of people in the world, that belief is powered by all.  Imagine, if you individually have a single thought and keep focusing on that same thought over and over and over again, you give it power…. so if thousands to millions have that same thought the power is magnified.

So once we change our perception, our thoughts and focus on love, peace, joy, great health, abundance, etc. the collective can change the outcome and change the world.  We can’t see “Love”, we can see acts of love but love itself is a feeling, yet we all believe in the power of love.  If you/we as the collective all believe in a higher power, in a better way of being, the collective can change the planet.  I write about this today because so much chaos seems to be happening in our planet (hurricanes, floods, fires, etc), our creator only sees and feels love, the chaos was created by humanity out of fear but we do have the power to change this.

I live in Florida and with so many worried about Hurricane Irma, I felt it very important to get this message out today, instead of focusing on the chaos focus on seeing, feeling, imagining this gone (it’s okay to be prepared but focus it taking the best possible route to where it doesn’t harm anyone else). Below is a message from the Universal Energies that will hopefully give you some peace of mind and hope:

Have faith and trust in the Universe. During a time of uncertainty, you may pray for a miracle, feel in your heart that all is well, continue to raise your vibration, stay in alignment with love, have faith and trust.  It is okay to be prepared but do not get caught up in the panic, in the fear, we know this can be difficult when all around you is panic but try to stay calm, you have the power, you know the power of prayer, you know the power of your presence. Keep surrendering the outcome, this is why we have called upon you because as you know, as you see your planet is in a state that change must begin now.

Now is the time for all to be aware, to shift their perception, feel the love, joy and peace to take care of the planet, to do their part, to be of service for all, for each other.  In times like this it may be difficult to understand why would God cause so much destruction, lost lives, lost homes but God did not create this humanity did.  All the fear, carelessness, climate change has created the earth to shift.  But as the lightworkers, environmentalists, helpers do their part it can shift again.

Sometimes it takes a catastrophe to bring all together with love, compassion and community to bring about a much-needed shift.  Stay calm, prepare but do not stay in worry and fear that will not help. We love you, protect and support you.  We guide and watch over you.  Do as you would normally do, be safe and know we are taking care of you and your family.  Continue to ask for a miracle for it is the miracle workers prayers that are heard and when miracles will happen but you must ask with belief, faith and trust in God, that God knows what is best for all.  Stay in your heart, help all that you can and the Universe will continue to do as it always does to help you.



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