Self Love

When you stop looking for happiness outside of yourself, it’s amazing how you feel and what you notice.  It’s like opening your eyes and seeing the world for the first time, it’s a feeling similar to your first crush or when you begin to fall in love with someone except this person is now “YOU”.  You’re excited, feel ecstasy at times, true bliss.  It super seeds any love that you would have for anyone else, even the love for your child.  It sounds crazy, I know!  But it’s great because you can now love them even deeper (without feeling annoyed by some of their behavior).  You don’t feel like your making sacrifices, which builds resentment, you  have more to give because you are now more present.

It’s as if time expands.  On the other side there is no time, so you let go more, your more relaxed, calmer and when women are calmer, the energy in the home shifts.  I personally feel a woman’s energy is strong (whether good or bad), we are what make our home run like clockwork, except most of the time we run on a clock with low batteries.  Anger, frustration, depression, guilt, worry, anxiety, sends out and projects an energy that is sending out resistance.  Where peace, calm, love, fun, joy sends out energy that opens up and send out a message of allowing.  People can feel the energy you are projecting.  So think about what the energy feels like in your home… it thick, stuck, hard to move through or is it airy and free-flowing?

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