Trust that we are here indeed to help you, to guide you. You can do this. You are here to heal and inspire others. You’ve already began, now continue to take action, bring your messages forth to the world. Again the time is now, to bring awareness, a major shift is happening now. As you show people how a shift in their perception can make a huge difference in their lives to pull them out of dread and self sabotage and bring them light, light that you offer, your light work to uplift & inspire. Joy and love is what everyone wants, tell them how you got there, teach them to change the story of their past, present & future and your world will be a peaceful place to live.

Remember the work begins within first, once there is love for oneself & self-worth the true shift begins, positive changes do come about but people need to release the fear to experience the love that is all around them. The beauty that exists everywhere if people would take a moment to be in the moment, to be present. To go within, quiet their minds and they will watch as their lives begin to unfold with ease. Stop trying to control the outcome, you must take positive action but move in the flow of things, if it seems to difficult, that is you being guided in another direction, trust your gut, your intuition, you all are intuitive beings, it is your inner spirit, your inner guide that is telling you which way to go. Follow the path of least resistance and you will see how easy it is to follow your dreams to create the book, the painting, the business idea, remember creation and creating is very important to humanity and when aligned with your true nature it will flow effortlessly, their will be inspiration, excitement, passion, fun for what you are doing when you follow your path. Trust in yourself, trust you are not alone. You know we are here, every person on the planet is being guided by their guides and angels who want to see them thrive. It is time to let the world know in your unique way, your unique story that Universal Energies exist, spirit, source energy, a higher power, soul power, soul connection, whatever you name it, you know it is real.

Keep repeating your mantra, every time you begin to doubt: INSPIRE, CREATE, DREAM, MOTIVATE…for that you had in you many years ago and it will always hold true.

Stay on your positive path, get ready to enjoy the ride that lies ahead. We see the clear, beautiful, abundant, fulfilling life you desire. You are here & it is now. Get your story out, the time is now. With love & support, your Angels.




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